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Get free overnights - 7=6, 14=12!

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- 20 % discount until 30 Sep 2014 and 10% until 02 Dec 2014!

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Welcome to BulgariaSki winter sports community.

Here at, we understand that skiing is more than just a sport! Its an activity that develops a person's character. It teaches sportsmanship, respect for fellow athletes, confidence, decision-making and independence.

Join us and share your winter experience in Bulgaria with other fellow skiers/ boarders. BulgariaSki welcomes everyone with passion for skiing, snowboarding and snow sports. Create your BulgariaSki account and join the biggest community for winter sports in Bulgaria, sharing adventure, photos, videos, reports and advice. Meet new friends and have great fun.

Why to join?

  • You can take and post photo reports from your holiday
  • Share your experiences with others
  • Post hotels' ratings and recommendations
  • Upload and post your video impressions
  • More

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