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We publish all customer reviews and rank for all hotels in Pamporovo ski resort in Bulgaria. These comments are left by actual skiers and snowboarders, who had already stayed in Pamporovo. Always check other tourists' opinion before choosing a hotel in Pamporovo.

Narcyss Damian from Romania Send on: 21 March 2015

Reviews on Pamporovo Castle *

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The room it was clean, the employers very kind, always with smile and ready to help us about everything we need.also the breakfast was very good,which is important for those who do general it is a very good hotel.. view all

Elizabeth Bromfield from UK Send on: 23 February 2015

Reviews on Lucky Pamporovo *

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I would not recommend the bed and breakfast option. Breakfast was salad. But the restaurant later in the day was fantastic. view all

Robert Niewiadowski from UK Send on: 18 February 2015

Reviews on Pamporovo Hotel *

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The hotels food was terrible and having to pay 50 levs per visit on spa centre just to use the facilities once was quite frankly very poor, also the pool was cold. view all

Michael Timm from UK Send on: 17 February 2015

Reviews on Orlovetz Hotel *

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This was our 5th or 6th visit to Pamporovo, and probably our 4th time at the Orlovetz, and we can safely say we have never been disappointed. Both the resort and hotel offer excellent value for money, and the skiing is perfect for beginners or... view all

Ceyda Polikar from Turkey Send on: 03 February 2015

Reviews on Orpheus Hotel *

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*the housekeeping of the hotel was terrible. *couble of the slopes were close and non of the slpes were never pressed. view all

Suncica Ilic from Serbia Send on: 29 January 2015

Reviews on Stream Resort Hotel *

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It was a bit cold in a hotel apartment. view all

Jes Ballin from Denmark Send on: 08 January 2015

Reviews on Laplandia Aparthotel *

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We had a wonderful vacation. Thanks for organizing the usual driver and an extraordinary apartment Much apriciated! view all

Deligiannis Giannis from Greece Send on: 02 January 2015

Reviews on Grand Monastery Hotel *

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I had problems with the staff in studenets rent for equipment. The only wifi area in "Grand Monastery" had always problems and i couldn't organise my job in Greece. Lobby of the hotel is not big enough for the customers. view all

Dmitriy Makarenko from Send on: 18 February 2014

Reviews on Perelik Hotel *

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I found many problems in room: 1) No safe 2) Half-broken door that was very difficult to close 3) Broken lamp bulbs 4) No brush for toilet 5) Bad shower facility 6) Only two lifts for long floors (it took in average 2-3 minutes to get lift) view all

Stephen Morton from UK Send on: 22 January 2013

Reviews on Malina Chalets *

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Our experience overall was excellent. Staff were friendly, the skiing very close by and the holiday was really good value for money. In terms of where improvements could be made......there wasn't any après close by, which meant there isn't very... view all