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Borovets webcam

Webcam live view and weather reports from Borovets ski resort in Bulgaria.

Webcam live view and weather reports from Borovets ski resort in Bulgaria. See lates web cam image straight from the ski slopes in Borovets. We provide real time web cameras from Borovets ski centre.

  Hotel Rila
1350 m
Sitnyakovo Express
1780 m
Yastrebets Express
2050 m
Markudjik Ski Center
2369 m
Markudjik 2
2486 m
Temperature 12.1 C 9.4 C 7.6 C 5.3 C 4 C
Wind 1.3 m/s 0.9 m/s 4.4 m/s 4.9 m/s 2.8 m/s
Humidity 73.5 % 79.6 % 85.2 % 82 % 92.7 %
Atmospheric pressure 866.8 hPa 824.2 hPa 797.4 hPa 768.3 hPa 756.5 hPa
Last updated 05.10.15

Rila hotel webcam live
Elevation: 1350 m
Sitnyakovo Express webcam live
Elevation: 1780 m
Yastrebets Express webcam live
Elevation: 2050 m
Markudjik Ski Center webcam live
Elevation: 2369 m
Markudjik 2 webcam live
Elevation: 2486 m
Popangelov Ski Run & Pub Finish Line webcam live
Elevation: 1483 m
Popangelov Ski Run webcam live
Elevation: 1474 m

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From Brian mcvey
from Scotland
Sent on 20 February 2015

Going to borovets for 2nd time this time with my son. Had a great time 4 years ago, now with park I expect it to be a lot better now and it was brill last time round. 20 days and counting

From Matt B
from UK
Sent on 13 January 2015

Love the regular updates now! 4 days and I'll be hurtling down here, probably face first...!!

From Mandy
from UK
Sent on 06 January 2015

Great website, very pleased to see its updated very frequently though the day, looking forward to skiing here I. Just over a week

From Suzanne Martin
from England
Sent on 17 March 2010

Well , no comments can be make has it has not been updated since Janauary 27th. If you look at all the other resort they have been up, what a let down for Borovets.

From ria vrys
from Belgie
Sent on 13 December 2009

Waarom werken de webcams van Borovets niet? Andere jaren konden we al meegenieten van de sneeuwval voor we vertrokken!

From zoe
from england
Sent on 10 December 2009

hi why is you webcam not working i want to see how much snow is there!!!!!!!!!!!

From Heidi
from Belgium
Sent on 09 December 2009

When I the webcam going to work? We are coming to Borovets in 1.5 week and we want to know if it is already snowing?

From Vicky Brammall
from Isle of Man
Sent on 27 March 2009

I am always checking out the Borovets webcam to see how much snow there is. Hoping there will still be enough snow there in 2 weeks so that we can pop uo to Borovets to ski for a couple of days!! Would love it if there were more webcams, so that we could see what it is like over the gondola side. Thanks for all the great information on this site.

From Caz
from Wales
Sent on 21 March 2009

Where are all the past January Webcsm pics? I'm trying to presuade a pal to go with me Jan 2010 but with no images she doesn't believe there will be snow!

From Tracy
from uk
Sent on 05 March 2009

Please can you update the camera to zoom in and do more pictures throughout the day so people have a better chance of seeing family and friends

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