Bodrost is a small ski centre in the Rila mountain that offers 2000 m long ski slope. It is starting point for numerous hiking routes.

Bodrost ski resort


Bodrost ski centre is situated in Kartala site, just 30 km away from Blagoevgrad city in Bulgaria. Bodrost is a small ski centre in the southwestern part of the Rila Mountain, at approximately 1300 m height. It is a starting point to numerous hiking routes in Rila Mountain, also offers perfect conditions for skiing for beginners. The ski zone Kartala welcomes all keen skiers on a perfectly maintained, snowy ski runs from December to April.

Ski slope

Bodrost resort offers a 2000 m long ski slope with inclination of 375 m. The slope is serviced by a Pomagalski drag lift with a starting point at 1400 m above the sea level. The upper station of the drag lift is at 1750 m. The resort also offers a drag lift for beginners.


Several brand new small hotels offer all modern conveniences for the perfect holiday in the mountain. The Bodrost mountain resort is a starting point for many tourism routes in the Rila Mountain, which are excellently marked and lead to famous natural sites. The region offers two chalets – Macedonia and Chakalitsa, owned by the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

The “Parangalnitsa” reserve is a great site for eco tourism with the complete natural resources of the Nature Park Rila. Blagoevgrad is situated in close vicinity to the south-western slopes of the Rila Mountain, along the rivers Struma and Blagoevgradska Bistritsa. The town is located on main road E 79, south of the capital Sofia, just 20 km away from the Republic of Macedonia and 100 km from the border with Greece (200 km to Thessaloniki).

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