Nearby towns

Towns and resorts nearby the Rila monastery in Bulgaria.

  • Borovets resort Location Borovets ski resort is located 12 km from the town of Samokov and 72 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The resort is situated on the northern slopes of the Mousala ridge in the eastern part of the Rila mountain. Borovets is huddled in venerable pine woods 1390 meters above the sea level. The highest pistes of Borovets ski centre are located at 2600 m above the sea level. Resort information Borovets is a modern ski resort with luxury hotels, shops, bars and... more

  • Samokov resort Location Samokov is situated on the northern foot of Rila Mountain among the so called field which is one of the highest fields in Bulgaria. The longest Bulgarian river- Iskar passes through it. The town is just 60 kilometers away from Sofia and just 12 kilometers in north- western direction of the worldwide famous resort- Borovets. Samokov is the biggest producer of potatoes in Bulgaria. Samokov is a wonderful mountain town with mountain spirit. The huge fountain right in... more

  • Beli Iskar resort This lovely village is located in the foot of Rila mountain, on  8 km from Borovets, 65 km from the capital Sofia and 7 km from Samokov. This small mountain resort is situated on 1130 m above the sea level. Some of the most attractive routes to Mousala start from here.Everyone who has visited the village is always promising to return. And it is definitely worth the effort. Beautiful and cosy houses are arranged like a rosary among the pine trees. Actually this is not... more