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The Balkan mountain range offers beautiful nature and cosy small villages and resorts. Read more about the small resorts and towns in close proximity to Vratsa and arrange an unforgettable journey to the real Bulgaria. Visit living towns with vivid culture and traditions and learn more about Bulgaria during your holiday in Vratsa.

  • Kom

    Kom ski resort Location Kom tourist and sport complex is located just 15 kilometres from Berkovitsa, 12 km from the Petrohan gorge (approximately 52 km from Sofia). Kom is situated at 1500 meters above the sea level in the Balkan mountain range (Stara Planina mountain). Climate The snow cover lasts more than four months on the northern slopes of the mountain and thus provides wonderful conditions for winter sports like skiing, slalom and cross country skiing as well as different summer... more

  • Parshevitsa resort Parshevitsa is a small ski resort, situated in Vratsa Balkan Mountain Range. It is in very close proximity to the quiet and beautiful city of Vratsa (only 25 km). Close to Parshevitsa is Vratsa gorge, which is a starting point to:- Parshevitsa hut;- Ledenika cave;- Skaklya waterfall - one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria.   Located 112 km away from the capital city, Vratsa is a very popular destination, offering good opportunities for ski tourism,... more

  • Vratsa Location Vratsa is situated 112 km away from Sofia, at the foot of Vratsa Mountain. It is a starting point for the routes, leading to Vratsata gorge and one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves - the Ledenika cave. It is also a point for departure to the famous Bulgarian Hristo Botev alley of death, the Okolchitsa peak monument, as well as to 'Parshevitsa' Hut and the 'Skaklya' waterfall - the second highest waterfall in Bulgaria.Vratsata Gorge is a narrow mountain pass,... more