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Chepelare is a beautiful mountain town, lying in a small valley at the heart of the Rhodopi Mountain, just 10 km from Pamporovo. The ski runs vary in difficulty from black to green and the longest ski run in Bulgaria is in Chepelare. High-speed quad lift connects the town with the Mechi Chal peak. A few smaller drag lifts are also in favour of the skiers on the slopes. Chepelare is a small ski resort, so the average prices of the hotels and the ski services are lower compared to Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo.

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Location: Chepelare ski resort is located in a valley in the Rhodopi mountain. Chepelare is situated 222 km from Sofia, 72 km from Plovdiv and 10 km from Pamporovo.

The mountain town of Chepelare is surrounded by venerable fir trees and green meadows in summer and snowy mountain slopes in winter. Chepelare river passes through the town.

Resort information: Chepelare provides good infrastructure for skiing. The longest ski run in Bulgaria is located in Chepelare. The ski centre offers ski runs for children and beginners.

The ski season in Chepelare lasts from December until April.

Modern high speed quad lift with a capacity of 2000 per hour, connects Chepelare with Mechi Chal peak in just 9 minutes, at a 2700 meters distance. There are several smaller drag lifts.

Chepelare mountain rescue service: (+359) 309 58336; (+359) 1475.

How to reach Chepelare

The international road E71 Assenovgrad-Smolyanor Devin-Smolianare themain roads to Chepelare. The resort is located just 5 km south of Pamporovo.

A checkpoint at the border with Greece is opened near Zlatograd town. Chepelareis the nearest ski resort-town to Istanbul City and to north-east Greece.

Chepelare ski slopes

Sport centre Chepelare offers over 20 km ski slopes and ski roads. All ski slopes are modernized and marked according to the European standards.

One of the main slopes in the ski centre is 3250 m long and is “Red” - suitable for intermediate skiers. It offers the most modern snow making system in Bulgaroa. 47 sno cannons can provide artificial snow for just 100 hours when temperatures are below -3 decrees C.

Guests of the resort can also enjoy skiing on a 6 km long green slope, as well as several shorter slopes of different difficulty.

The whole ski centre offers free wireless Internet connection.

Ski run Difficulty Length [m] Inclination [m]
4 Light piste 4792 710
1 Medium 2560 690
3 Light piste 1346 324
2 Medium 1132 450
4A Light piste 955 163
7 Difficult ski run 785 370
6 Beginners 491 70
5 Medium 490 168
1A Light piste 465 95
3A Light piste 295 49
1B Medium 179 50
4B Medium 110 32

Recommended hotels

Many small privately owned hotels are available in Chepelare. During the winter the resort and the hotels are quite busy and a booking is required. Most of the hotels are 2 or 3 stars and you can see some of them in the left table of this page. Most of the hotels have restaurants where guests can order breakfast or dinner. Ski rentals are available at the hotels too.

Borika hotel is located on a hill in Chepelare, only a kilometer away from the ski runs of Mechi Chal. The hotel offers sport, spa and conference facilities, bars and...

Places to go while in Chepelare

If you have decided to travel to the heart of the Rhodope Mountain, prepare yourself to be enchanted by the magic impact of its unique beauty.

Approximately one hour trip from Plovdiv, along the upper float of the Chepelarska River, Chepelare town is huddled at the foot of the mountain. The town is situated 1150 m above the sea level and it is the highest town in Bulgaria Chepelare is just 80 km away from Plovdiv, 230 km away from Sofia and 22 km north of Smolyan.

The town boasts with traditions and history in the ski sports in Bulgaria. The first ski school in Chepelare was found in 1954. Many of its students reached top positions in the ski disciplines in Bulgaria.

In 1969 a sport school for alpine skiing and cross country disciplines was found in the town. Famous skiers like Mitko Hadjiev, Borislav Kiriakov, Irin Pashliev and Ekaterina Dafovska graduated the school.

Since 1975 a factory for skies functions in Chepelare. In 2008 it was bought by AmerSports and is now producing first class ski equipment.

Chepelare is a remarkable ethnographic and folklore reserve. It has preserved the unique Rhodopi architecture (Uzunov’s House and Stoyu Shishkov’s House).

There are two magnificent Eastern Orthodox temples in Chepelare. One is dedicated to St. Anastasius and was built in 1835. The other was constructed in 1866, two years afterwards a two-storey building was constructed to host a school.

The town also features the only operational Rhodopi Karst Museum operational in Europe, which presents the beauty of caves and cave exhibits preserved from the dawn of mankind.

The ski and ski sport museum is a large museum collection. It is hosted by the largest municipal public reading hall called Rhodopi Spark.

During the spring Chepelare completely transforms its outlook. It becomes a quiet and calm mountain town offering numerous opportunities for active mountain tourism.

Comments Chepelare

 1 2
From melisa mert urkun
from Turkey
Sent on 17 February 2011
Rating:  4/5

We have been having great time for two years skiing at Chepelare. :) We always stay at the Rhodopi Home Hotel, They are so friendly and the rooms are great. So we can use all the fun and delicious restaurants in the town and also we can easily go up to Chepelare ski center from our hotel by the hotel's car. And one good thing about the Chepelare is that there isnt so crowded. Everything is well arranged. People there are waiting for you to come and enjoy. WE did :)) We will be there the next year too :))

From Vaska
from England
Sent on 29 March 2006
Rating:  3/5

Hello people! I'm Vaska.I'm from England.Every winter I go ski in Chepelare.Chepelare is a SUPER city.I am very happy,when I with my family going in there.OK,bye bye and we will see in Chepelare!

From Lidiya Andonova- Enevska
from USA
Sent on 26 February 2006
Rating:  5/5

Jiveia sas spomenite si za tova raisko kat4e.Mnogo mi lipsva i zatova pone dva pati v godinata se vrastam sa da se zaredia s polojitelna energia vzeta ot prekrasnata priroda i priatelski nastroenite xora. Ne propuskaite 6ansa da go posetite sa da se uverite v istinnosta na dumite mi.

From chris
from uk
Sent on 12 February 2006
Rating:  5/5

hi, going to pamparovo next jan and also would like to spend a few days skiing in chepelare how can we arrange this.would need an instructor and ski equipment.

From chris
from uk
Sent on 01 February 2006
Rating:  5/5

ok everyone let me be the 1st on here, gonna visit cheplare next year for skiing, will let you know how we get on, looks good.

From Carole
from UK
Sent on 01 November 2005
Rating:  4/5

Have not stayed in Chepelare in the winter but have stayed several times in the Agarta Hotel and can highly recommend it. It is family run, warm and comfortable, all newly furnished and decorated, wonderful restaurant and the family are warm and friendly.

From Achim
from Germany
Sent on 31 March 2005
Rating:  3/5

I have visited Chepelare in February 2005. The ski conditions were excellent, the people very hospitable. I would like to especially thank the owners of a shop on the main road at the beginning of town for being so kind and providing directions and information about cheap places to stay (in addition to the low snack and coffee prices ;). I had a nice stay. All in all, I can highly recommend you to visit Chepelare!

From Gergana Gencheva
from Bulgaria
Sent on 23 March 2005
Rating:  2/5

Za men Rhodopite i Chepelare sa nai-krasiwoto mjasto na sweta. Ne mi hareswa edna ot snimkata, koito predstawjat Chepelare, a imenno Hotel Zdrawez. Ta toi ne raboti ot godini i starchi kato nenushen pametnik w zentara na grada.S tazi snimka ne moshe da se razbere kolko e krasiwo tam. Bi bilo chudesno, ako ja zamenite s izgled na grada.

From Van Es, Gerard
from Netherlands
Sent on 21 January 2005
Rating:  2/5

I have the best memories at your beautifull Rodopi Mountains, the Chepalarska Reka, Chepelare, Pamporovo and Hvoina. Please send my kindest regards and warm greetings to the Mihailov Family in Chepelare and the Hinov Family in Hvoina. Gerard van Es, Apeldoorn - Holland

From ian.henderson
from england
Sent on 24 March 2004
Rating:  4/5

Would Pet Laverick please contact me. (Previous emailed comments on Chepelare) We have mutual friends, Stojan and Snezha Chokova, of Chepelare, who would very much like to see you again.

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