Hotels in Malyovitsa

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The accommodation facilities in Malyovitsa are not well developed. The Malyovitsa Hotel is the biggest one (180 beds). It offers restaurant, bar, discotheque, games hall, souvenir shop, ski-equipment rental. There is a Training Centre with fewer beds and conveniences, such as four and more beds in a room. The centre features restaurant, bar, sports hall, Alpine wall, museum of mountaineering and post of the Mountain Rescue Service. The Malyovitza Chalet is another option for accommodation. It offers an old and a new building and wooden bungalows. It is located at 2000 m above sea leve, just an hour-walk from the resort, close to the Malyovitza River. Malyovitsa is a small beautiful resort in the Rila Mountain, situated at about 1700 m above sea level. It is connected by asphalt road with the village of Govedartsi - 13 km and with the town of Samokov - 27 km. The complex operates all year round. Malyovitsa is a base for alpine sports and mountaineering. It offers several ski runs, as well. Many marked tourist hiking tracks begin from here to the Malyovitsa peak, Strashnoto Ezero (the Frightful Lake), Rila Monastery, different chalets. Book your holiday in Malyovitsa or tour to Rila mountain at the best rates on We guarantee fast and easy on-line booking, professional customer service and information.