The Osogovo mountain is situated on the western border of Bulgaria. The highest peak in the mountain is Ruen Peak. It lies right on the border line with Macedonia. The mountain offers well maintained pistes for advanced skiers as well as for beginners. All lovers of the extreme sport can try the night skiing.

The Osogovo mountain


The Osogovo mountain is situated on the western border of Bulgaria and is the 5th by height Bulgarian mountain. The highest peak in the mountain is Ruen Peak (2252 m). It lies right on the border line with Macedonia.

The climate

in Osogovo is characterized by severe winters, heavy rains and thick snow cover. Mountain lovers should be careful in the northern parts of the mountain, since there is a danger of avalanche.


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How to reach Osogovo

The Osogovo Mountain is situated on the western border of Bulgaria. It lies right on the border line with Macedonia.

Ski slopes in Osogovo

The mountain offers well maintained pistes.

The ski piste Osogovo is a ski track for advanced skiers, which is 910 m long and 45 m wide, with a drag lift.

The top ski station is on 1838 m above the sea level.

Snow cannons maintain the ski piste daily.

Night skiing is available.

Nearby is located another ski pistefor intermediate skiers close to a picturesque pine wood which is 1300 m long.

The ski piste “Ludmil Yankov” is 382 long and 35 m wide, perfect for beginners.

Snow cannons maintain the piste with artificial snow and keep it in perfect condition for night skiing also.

Osogovo Fun Park is located on this ski piste and offers amazing experience to snowboarders.

The ski piste “Tri Buki” is specifically made for beginners skiers and snowboarders.

Places to go near Osogovo

Tourists can visit the natural reserve Gabra and park Hisarluka. A 21 km road connects Kustendil with the main tourist attractions in the mountain. The snow cover lasts for months which creates perfect conditions for winter tourism.

- Kyustendil – Osogovo Chalet / 1st option – via the Hissarluka Park

Set from the town's market as a starting point. Head southwards along the cemented stairway, which leads to the Hissarluka Park. The waymarks are red and available from this point. The trail leads onto the road, which links the town of Kyustendil with Osogovo chalet through the village of Bogoslov. After approximately 200 m turn left onto a cobbled alley (the second along the road).

- Kyustendil – Osogovo Chalet / 2nd option

The starting point is the building of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior. Head southwest, along the street, going by the left side of the stadium, then continue along an asphalt road, leading to the Hissarluka Park. Approximately 50 – 60 m from the upper end of the net of the stadium, on the right-hand side of the road, a path, waymarked in red, veers and leads through a coniferous forest to asphalt road, linking Kyustendil and the village of Bogoslov.

- Osogovo Chalet – the Prevala Area (Beg Bunar Well) – Ruen Peak (2251 m)

The most popular and the most preferred route used by hikers to Ruen peak. There are red waymarks, available on stones and trees as well as on metal stakes, which is actually the winter marking. The one-way distance takes approximately 4 hours to cover with an average firm tread. Head south from the chalet along the asphalt road and after some 200 m turn right onto a broad dirt road, which after approximately 15 minutes reaches the Gramadite area – a gently sloping grassy plateau, strewn with granite rock fragments.

- Osogovo Chalet – Tsurnotrav peak – the village of Vratsa

The waymarking is in blue. It starts from Osogovo chalet.

- Ruen Peak – the village of Gyueshevo

The trail from the top goes north in an immediate proximity to the Bulgaria- Macedonia border line. In both directions permission from the border police is required. The distance on the way down is 3 – 4 hours, while the way up, because of the steep terrain, takes approximately 4 and a half – 5 and a half hours. The trail is waymarked in red. The way downhill begins through grassy areas and swerves sharply towards the foot of the Kamenets peak (1994 m). After a slight ascent, it crosses the peak from the right. Then the trail forks and its right branch leads to Kulata peak.

- Osogovo Chalet - Sokolov Kamik peak – the village of Vratsa

Start from Osogovo chalet along the path with blue waymarks and follow it to the ruins of an abandoned sheep-shed. Leave the path and continue to the right down a steep meadow, interspersed with juniper and small rocks. After 150 – 200 m there is a rock with a triangular point (1684 m above sea level), named Sokolov Kamik. In the western end of the meadow the walls of the Vratechki Govedarnik shelter are visible.

- Osogovo chalet - the Raskola area – the Eshekchiyska Ornitsa area – the Choveka peak – the Prevala area – Karakashka settlement – the Tri Buki tourist complex – Osogovo chalet

The route is waymarked in green. Start along the asphalt road to Kyustendil in northeast direction. After approximately 700 m there is a junction of black forest paths.

- Osogovo Chalet - Golyam Predel area - Brezovo hill – the village of Slokoshtitsa

The route follows mainly the ridge of the mountain and offers breathtaking views. Its length is 8 – 9 hours, and the waymarking is in yellow. With Osogovo chalet as a starting point, follow the asphalt road in the direction of the Tri Buki tourist complex, go past the complex and continue along the ridge trail to the holiday house (a prophylactics centre) of the State Auto Transport Enterprise (1527 m).

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