Free Eco Fest in the Rhodopi Mountains

Free Eco Fest in the Rhodopi Mountains, Diana Stoykova, July 23, 2008

Free Eco Fest in the Rhodopi Mountains A brand new festival for music, sports and active way of living is organized in the Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria from August 7 to August 10, reports "Beglika Fest" is an initiative of several ecological and sports organizations. The entrance is free, but everyone, willing to buy a special shirt-ticket (11.99 leva/ approximately 6 EU) will help the preservation of the wood-grouse capercalzie (cock of the woods) - species, whose habitat in the region is threatened by extinction. Except for the various stages with Reggae, Trance, Ambient, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, IDM music in the face of popular Bulgarian bands and performers (Teodosii Spasov, Wickeda, Kozza Mostra, Poparra, Vataff Project, etc), "Beglika Fest" will include many sports and outdoor activities; workshops for different crafts: lend-art, recycling, reuse of glass, theatrical masks, painting on T-shirts, etc. Lecturers from the eco-organizations are also expected to take part and inform the guests about what's going on with Bulgarian nature and how everyone can help. Buses from and to the nearing town of Batak will be available during the whole festival. The organizers also promise tent sites and free song birds. For more information, check out the festival's site: