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Advice when coming to ski in Bulgaria

Advice when coming to ski in Bulgaria

Advice when coming to ski in Bulgaria

Advice when coming to ski in Bulgaria


Please, just in case, write down and take with you the phone numbers of the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service.
If you have problems in the mountain they will help you:

Bansko mountain rescue service: (+359) 887 100 241, (+359) 88 1474, (+359) 749 8 8132

Borovets mountain rescue service:
(+359) 887 100 243; (+359) 7503 2450; (+359) 88 1473

Pamporovo mountain rescue service: (+359) 309 58336; (+359) 1475

Chepelare mountain rescue service: (+359) 309 58336; (+359) 1475


If you can, call a reputable company like OK Supertrans (tel: +359 2 91119), with new cars and fixed rates. Taxis can be taken from a taxi rank. The other option is to stop one in motion. Ensure the driver turns on the meter at the start of the journey. You should ask for a receipt and if you have any complaints write down the driver’s details from the obligatory pass with their name and number and report to the company later, rather than tackling them directly as this could be dangerous.


You can use your mobile phone in Bulgaria. Currently there are 3 GSM operators –Mtel, Globul, Vivacom. The more popular, with bigger coverage is called Mtel. Most of the skiing areas are signal covered, so you can use your phone. British users of Vodafone or BTCellnet can use their mobile phones in Bulgaria. Before coming to Bulgaria, please call your mobile operator and ask them about the price they will charge you for using your phone in Bulgaria, as the charge is few times higher than making calls in your country.


All popular credit cards (Visa, Master Card, AMEX and etc.) are accepted in the biggest shops and all banks in Bulgaria. In 1997 the Bulgarian currency LEV was equalised to 1 DEM, and this rate never changes. Since 2002, LEV is equalised to EURO currency and the rate of exchange is 1 EURO = 1.96 LEV, this rate never changes.
When looking for good rate to exchange your EURO into levs, it is advisable to look for a place where for 1 EURO they will give around 1.95 LEVS. Also, be very careful when exchanging currency - quite often on the sign in front of the exchange offices is written some rate, but inside they will use lower rate. To prevent from losses, we advice you always ask the person exchanging money "how much levs will I get for 100 EURO (DOLLARS, STERLING, etc.)". Having this figure you can easily calculate if they are really giving as much as written on the window.

Important! Never leave any kind of valuables or cash in your hotel room.

Please use the safety deposit boxes available in the reception desks of the hotels.


We recommend you check our discussion board or comments page to learn about the experience and advice of the skiers who already visited Bulgaria. Please share your impressions or ask questions in the discussion board and help yourselves and the others.

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