How to become a better skier or snowboarder

Discover the secrets that will help you become a better skier or snowboarder.

How to become a better skier or snowboarder

The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding

You thought you knew how wonderful Skiing and snowboarding could be. It is a thousand times more exciting and more fun than you thought! You only need to know some tips that no instructor or anyone else would tell you. Yes, you sure have had sunny days on the snow, smelled the fresh scent of pine trees and have experienced snowy, foggy days and skied despite the wind… But, have you tasted the real pleasure of the powder sparkly snow beyond the regular paths and marked terrain? If you have done that, have you gone skiing through the glaciers and dangerous terrains like cracks in the mountain without a bit of fear? Do you really know what type of equipment to rent or buy before you go riding the slopes? Do you know how to act if you or someone else gets hurt?

For example, if we take ten thousand average skiers and snowboarders who spend about twenty days skiing, according to statistics 348 skiers and 710 snowboarders will be injured so badly that they will seek medical help. This is more than a thousand people! So, do not go skiing or snowboarding until you read this!

All these answers will be given to you in the new book (actually it is more system than a usual book) by Danko Puskaric, “The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding”. This professional instructor will teach you everything you didn’t know about skiing and snowboarding.

If you are a beginner in skiing, this book is the best choice for you! When you become an advanced or even a professional skier, you are also going to need this book!

This book offers fabulous facts on skiing and snowboarding. The first and the second chapters describe the diet of a skier and preparing for skiing and snowboarding physically! Did you know that you are going to eat more and lose weight at the same time? Yes, you will, and you will definitely improve your health and fitness just by following the rules from this book. After these detailed and illustrated exercises you are going to be able to ski anywhere as long as you wish! You can be a magician on the snow!

The next chapter talks about how to act in case of the most frequent skiing and snowboarding injuries and how to avoid them.

Besides the parts on skiing equipment, there are parts that can also help you to choose your skiing style and help you to stay dry and warm. My favorite part is the Freeriding chapter. This is the chapter for passionate skiers and boarders who have gone much more beyond beaten paths and regularly marked slopes, and for the ones who know to appreciate the fascinating feeling of adrenaline running through the veins with the same speed as they are running down the powdered slopes in the untouched wilderness.

The book will give you all the necessary information about danger that runs parallel with your skis all the time, how to recognize it, escape it, and survive it. You cannot learn this from anyone! This book contains experiences from a large number of people that are unique and priceless but can save lives!

This fascinating book won’t do these things without you, as the author said! You just have to read it and to implement this rare and priceless knowledge that is being given to you! It will give you directions on how to use all the magic of the snow in the right way.

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