Hiking trips during summer holidays in the Bulgarian Mountains

Join us for a guided mountain hiking adventure tour in the Bulgarian mountains. We offer a big choice of trails and destinations, an expert mountain guide, transportation and accommodation.

Hiking trips during summer holidays in the Bulgarian Mountains


Thinking about a hiking vacation? Discover the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains in summer! Join us for a mountain hiking adventure tour amidst the Bulgarian mountains' thrilling landscapes!

The trails of the Rila and Pirin National Parks, the Rhodopes and Stara Planina mountains will take you into the heart of some of the wildest mountain scenery left on the continent.

Countless hiking trails, peak climbs for all skill levels and good facilities make hiking in the Bulgarian mountains a unique experience.

Follow paths through meadows and pine forests. Ascend to gem-like lakes cupped in mountain basins, climb peaks and rock formations, revel in the joy of a ridgetop walk and breathtaking panoramic views. Deep in forested valleys discover the Bulgarian monasteries and numerous churches and chapels.

Indulge in guided day hikes in the mountains and walks to Bulgarian mountain villages. Enjoy the taste of local produced food and specialties, drinks and wines, fruits and vegetables. Be sure that a warm welcome awaits you in Bulgaria!

  • We can offer a big choice of trails in the Bulgarian mountains, a variety of destinations either as scheduled departures or custom-designed itineraries for groups, an expert mountain guide, transportation, hut and hotels choice.

    Contact us for more information, recommendations and tips that will help you organize your hiking holiday in Bulgaria. We would love the opportunity to help make your travel dreams a reality!