Pamporovo snow cover report

Daily snow cover report and snow depth from Pamporovo ski centre in Bulgaria. Check out our webcam live view and weather reports from Pamporovo ski resort in Bulgaria. See latest web cam image straight from the ski slopes in Pamporovo.

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Showing results for: 15 February 2019

tC Weather Wind Snow cover cm (average) Snowing/raining
-8 snowing moderate 255 n/a
Piste name Possible skiing/boarding
Slope 1 - Yazovira (The Small Wall) Yes
Slope 6 - Pamporovo (Tourist) Yes
Slope 4 - Snejanka Yes
Slope 11 - Kartola Yes
Slope 12 Stoykite 1 Yes
Slope 12А Stoykite 2 Yes
Fun park - half pipe n/a
Slope 2 - The Wall Yes
Slope 3 Arch. Petar Petrov (European cup) Yes
Slope 4A - Snezhanka Yes
Slope 5A - BypassMalina Yes
Slope 7 - Orlovetz Yes
Slope 8 - Perelik (South) n/a
Slope 10 - Delyovo dere (Ladies slalom) Yes
Slope 13 Border cross (Race track) n/a
Slope Mechi chal Yes
Slope 1A - Bypass (Small Wall) Yes
Slope 5 - Malina Yes
Slope 9 - Smolyan lakes No

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