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Articles and news from Bulgaria's top ski resorts and ski centres - Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepelare, Dobrinishte and etc.

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  • Date: 15 February 2006 Author: Sofia News Agency

    Sofia Boasts "Good Chances" of Hosting 2014 Winter Olympics Bulgaria's capital Sofia has really good cghances of hospting the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, Bulgaria's Sports Agency Chief Vessela Lecheva said. Lecheva commented that... more

  • Date: 15 February 2006 Author:

    The fifth competition Wild ride 2006 in Bansko The international extreme ski and snowboard competition Wild Ride 2006 will take place on the ski zone in Bansko. The competition will take place on 16- 19 February on the northern... more

  • Date: 13 February 2006 Author: Standart Daily, Shtiliana Chakarova

    Skiers in Love Kiss in the Air Britons invade ski runs in Bulgaria on St. Valentine's Day Tens of couples will contest in kissing on Metchi Chal peak on St Valentine's Day. The romantic tournament is the top attraction for... more

  • Date: 08 February 2006 Author: Standart Daily, Plamen Valkov

    What is the standard of the most popular Bulgarian resorts as regards organization, conditions and prices? What could make foreign tourists give their preference to Bansko and Borovets and what would prevent them from coming here again. Two... more

  • Date: 08 February 2006 Author: 24 Hours, Valentin Hadjiev

    Tourists will be able to shoot with Katya's rifle The Anschutz rifle which helped Ekaterina Dafovska to win her gold medal in Nagano will be presented before tourists on the slopes nearby Chepelare on Friday. This is the eight... more

  • Date: 08 February 2006 Author: SofiaEcho, 30.01.2006

    AT least $1.25 billion will be needed if Sofia is to have a chance of hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Vasil Tonchev, a member of Sofias 2014 Olympics Bid committee, told a Bulgarian news agency on January 24. The Games themselves... more

  • Date: 07 February 2006 Author:, 19.01.2006

    A cabin lift will connect Kom chalet with Kom peak Berkovitsa municipal opened a procedure for the contraction of a cabin lift from Kom chalet /1620 meters above the sea level/ to Kom peak in the Balkan Mountain Range which is 2020... more

  • Date: 06 February 2006 Author: Standart Daily, Nikolay Genov

    Sapareva Banya (southwestern Bulgaria) is a fascinating small town situated at the foots of the Kabul part of the Rila Mountain. It lies 75 km away from Sofia and seems to be forgotten by the nature lovers, despite the fact that here passes one... more

  • Date: 06 February 2006 Author: 24 hours, Desislava Kulelieva

    I've never been on a better organized meeting of the skiers journalists than that in Bansko! I will definitely come again together with my family. This mountain i divine!said Rom Nahman from Israel. Before I visited your country I thought... more

  • Date: 03 February 2006 Author:

    Ski base in the geographic center of Bulgaria Over 3800 skiers will be able to take a holiday in the tourism site Uzana in a complex with over 2600 beds, together with the already... more