Super Borovets Project

Super Borovets Project plans to transform the region into a year-round resort with football fields, tennis-courts and other playgrounds for practising active sports, as well as swimming pools and numerous amusement facilities.

Super Borovets Project

One of the most ambitious project which will be developed during the next few years is SUPER BOROVETS. Super Borovets Project plans to transform the region into a year-round resort with football fields, tennis-courts and other playgrounds for practising active sports, as well as swimming pools and numerous amusement facilities. The plan makes provisions for riverside parks with additional attractions, including a horse riding centre and dairy farm with taverns in the area of Byala Polyana, close to Borovets. The aim of the project is to develop the tourism sector with the help of the local people, whilst at the same time, trying to observe the eco- balance of the region. There will be no large hotels high in the mountain, only shelters or tearooms. The plan was issued by a team of architects, lead by Petko Evrev and will follow the requirements of the Encouragement Law, according to which the infrastructure will be provided by the state. The plan foresees the opening of a Tourism College in the town of Samokov and is consistent with the Bulgarian candidature to host the Olympic Games in the year 2014.

The Super Borovets concept will be implemented in three steps: - The first stage is to be completed in year 2007 and by that time the accommodation capacity of the resort will be doubled. New gyms and swimming pools will be built. The second stage will start when ownership rights have been finalized. At this stage the plan envisages new hotels and ski runs in the triangle enclosing Beli Iskar, Samokov and Borovets. After that, during the third stage, they will start the construction of new sites at 1400 m above sea level. Because of the height and sparse terrain only holiday villages and small hotels will be allowed there.

Perspectives Resort - tourism localization Samokov- Borovets- Beli Iskar Start of the project: 2004 Duration: arround 15 years Possible goals: the candidature of Bulgaria for the 2014 Winter Olympics Real goal: transforming Samokov and North Rila region into the most attractive tourism complex on the Balkans. Investments: around 300 million BGN vertical structure of the project Lower Borovets- to 1300 meters- new site with family houses nd hotels with traditional Bulgarian architecture with almost 5 000 beds. Real Borovets- 1300- 1350 m- hotels with a total capacity of 10000 beds. High or Super Borovets- 1300- 1350 m- construction of new luxurious hotels with a total capacity of 2000 beds Ski pistes- up to 100 kilometres Equipment- new seat and cabin lifts with a capacity for 35000 people Infrastructure- new roads, sewerage and water conduit; purification of the waste waters; Ecological risk- grounded on the fact that part of the project will be on the territories of the Natural Park Rila.

The project The project plans a construction of a new Gondola Station and improved snowboard runs - when completed the mega resort will offer 33 ski pistes with a total length of more than 60 km (twice as much as now) and thus will allow more than 10 000 skiers per hour to enjoy the ski pistes and facilities. (the current capacity is 2500 skiers per hour). The new Gondola will also connect this part of the resort to the other pistes, Sokolets – Ivanov Kamuk – Marakudjitsite. Brand new golf course will be built at the foothills of the Rila Mountains with spectacular views over the snow capped peaks. The project aims to offer numerous tourism attractions for the development of sustainable tourism in the region. The region of Borovets will become a year-round resort with modern technical facilities, information centres for tourists and a good transportation infrastructure. Special attention will be paid to hill walkers, extreme sports enthusiasts, horse- back riding trails, the development of eco- tourism, as well as hunting and fishing.

The summer of 2004 marks the start of the Super Borovets Project. The project was estimated to cost 300 million Euro. The ski tourism in Bulgaria was prepared for a jump. By that time the ski tourism provided just 15% of the total tourism revenue from tourism. This percent was almost equal to the out of season one and in the inner parts of the country. In certain business circles became clear that the winter tourism can bring almost the same revenues as the summer tourism and the ski can turn into a way of living in Bulgaria. “A million and one resort wishes” appeared in the municipals. The property market enlivened. All this activated the ecologists, whose opinion is that it is not worth to build such an imposing infrastructure for not more than three months active season. Borovets and Pamporovo have been built by the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s last century, covering the old standards of that time. The response of the new ski investments was the idea Borovets to be made three times bigger that it is now with investments for nearly 300 million Euro. The building of ski resorts is a mutual inspiration of the mountain municipals, the investors and the local population, who foresee a way out of their economic backwardness, new territories for development and end of unemployment problems. When the enthusiasm led to a particular investment in the infrastructure - for example for the construction of a cabin-lift in Bansko, it becomes attractive for a larger group of people. Property investors come up on the horizon, foreigners looking for rural properties, construction undertakers, looking for rapid profits from vacation apartments. The property market in the region enlivens and the local people can receive higher price for their property. The high risk from the winter resorts is that precious natural resources are sacrificed for their prosperity- trees are being cut. This does not look worthy if the resort is not filled through the whole year. The global hating makes the three months winter season on the level of out mountains doubtful. The investors are also aware of that fact and that is why they prefer the highest parts of the mountains. In that way they are tempted to enter the five per cent protected territories in Bulgaria. That is why the parliament received a governmental bill for a change in the law for the protected areas in Bulgaria. It makes it easier to transform the ownership from public- national or municipal in a private one, when there are current plans for management and detailed system plans. The Eco- organizations reacted loudly at the attempt for construction works in the protected territories. However for the moment, the ecologists were mainly corrective. The problem is that no one suggests more attractive alternative to the municipals. The green tourism is nature friendly but the profits are not so big and are spread in time. It is also not of such interest for the investors.

In May 2005 the Government announced that the state will take care of the infrastructure in the region for the fulfilment of the major project. The state plans to invest 150 million BGN. Private investors are expected to inject a further 300 million Euro into tourist infrastructure, lifts and ski-runs. The document approved by the Cabinet bears the title “Concept for the Development of the Borovets Mountain Resort until 2015”. It was adopted in line with Bulgaria’s candidacy to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and envisages three stages. The first stage covers the period until 2007 when the occupancy rate of the resort must increase twice its current levels. The second stage will start after the ownership structure has been finalised, along with the cadastral plan, the environment impact assessment and the general spatial development plan. Tourist facilities in the area incorporating Beli Iskar, Samokov and Borovets will be built during the second stage. The third stage envisages construction of facilities in the mountain over 1400 metres latitude.

A total of 10 000 jobs are expected to be created during the building phase. Most of the ski runs were built in the late 1970s according to the standards of the time, 30 metres wide. In order to meet the modern requirements the runs must be widened. The runs are now served by a network of cable cars and tows with overall capacity of 12 000 people an hour. Borovets has six snow machines and two ski runs for night skiing, and a special snowboard run with a separate tow. Several new hotels and apartment houses were constructed for the 2005/2006 season.

The first major obstacle before the execution of the project was the sudden death of Emil Kulev who was one of the members of the Initiative Committee. The municipal wanted additional guarantees against selling off small plots of municipal land. In December the same year it became clear that the work on project Super Borovets will continue. The ski lifts are planned to pass through the land property, given back to former Prime Minister Sax-Coburgotta. He gave his permission some time ago but the documentations was still to be finalized. Now several Italian equipment producers are interested in investing in the project. They will negotiate with the committee for cooperation in the project. It was clear that the development of the ski tourism cannot be altered. The main idea is to be kept in the proper areas, and not to let it damage the resources for the development of eco- tourism. 

  • Mario Domínguez From España
    Sent on 23 December 2022
    I have received the best service imaginable, with great flexibility, I have never received such excellent attention as that received with this company
  • Ana Whitton From UK
    Sent on 06 March 2019
    I wanted to write a proper review of our hotel and experience while in Pamporovo, so this is the addition to my email. We flew to Sofia and the pre booked taxi transport was waiting for us. The driver (Kosta) was wonderful and we felt really safe with him driving. Our flight was late and we arrived to the Dafovska hotel after midnight. The reception was open and they were waiting for us. We were given sandwiches and water and shown to our room. The rooms were spacious and warm, the beds comfortable, bathroom lovely and clean. Plenty of hot water, the towels were changed every day and bins emptied. The hotel has Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which is 12 leva per person with towels. I would have liked the water in the Jacuzzi to be a bit warmer. We went in every day after skiing, apart from one when we tried a different hotel. Snezanka hotel has a swimming pool too. Its ok but it was too busy for us and we decided to stick with ours. Their changing rooms are very very small and you have to pay extra for the towels. We chose half board. There was many things to choose for breakfast, hot food, pancakes, fruit, cereal & toast. Apple & orange juice as well as many teas and coffees. I have to admit I always take my own tea bags . Not having to cook dinner after a day skiing was very welcome. There isn’t really a great choice for strict vegetarians, but I always managed to find tasty food to eat. You can buy drinks from the bar, or bring your own. There is a free shuttle bus that takes you to ski centre Malina. Very busy ski centre. We met with the representative Nelly there. I would have preferred to have the information on what time to be where when we arrived. Nelly organised our helmets (you need to rent this separately, 5 leva per person), ski equipment and our instructor. Well! I cannot give more glowing review for our instructor! Alex was amazing, very patient, very friendly and knowledgeable. We had lessons in the morning, then lunch, which he was very good to organise with the local bar, then another set of lessons. The food in the bars by the ski school and at the top of the slope was very good. Big portions, quickly delivered. I only needed soup at lunch time which were homemade and delicious. Staff, at the ski centre and gondolas, didn’t always speak a lot of English or smile enough but they were never the less very helpful especially with children and beginners. We skied on our last day too and we were picked up from the hotel by a taxi to be taken to the airport. This taxi driver was not so careful and good at driving and we could not wait to get to Sofia and get out of his car. The whole organisation of our trip with BulgariaSki was excellent! Thank you all
  • Richard From England
    Sent on 10 February 2019
    Have just spent 5 nights at the hotel for the second year. Still same high standards. Had a after ski massage with Kateriua, spot on girl knows her stuff. Highly recommended her.
  • Tommyboy From Scotland
    Sent on 07 April 2018
    5th time skiing in Bansko, have been here over Xmas period and Easter break, hasn't always been a lot of snow but enough to ski for five days. It is a good value for money skiing holiday for those on a budget, food very good value and varied depending on taste, some restaurants better than others, again depending on personal taste. Not to sure what the nightlife is like as we stay in our timeshare resort The Balkan Jewel which is 3 > 4 miles out of Bansko, they operate a free shuttle bus but the last one back from town is at 4.30pm therefore going back into town would require the use of taxis. I am sure we will be back in the future.
  • Mitko From Bulgaria
    Sent on 28 February 2018
    Dear all, Borovets is a nice place to be, but it is risky to ski there. The slopes for advanced skiers are crossing the slopes for beginners and the slopes are negligently prepared with icy spots and snow heap places. This all is a precondition for accidents. The ski lifts are maintained all on the surface, they stop frequently and the gondola had to be scrapped years ago. So be careful when skiing in Borovets!
  • Lene willsea From N.i
    Sent on 28 February 2018
    I love Pomporova. Its our home from home.We first went in 2008, the airport was a portacabin and the lifts were a dangling wooden chair.. The place improves year on year. I would highly recommend it. VERY CHEAP once ur there. But with all upgrades the prices to travel are clinbing. Jumped 200 in two yrs.
  • Neo From United Kingdom
    Sent on 15 February 2018
    The hotel it’s a brilliant idea however there are aspects you would be surprised to stumble upon We arrived late at night about 10pm. Greater by a very polite hostes she kindly provided us with prepacked sandwiches as the restaurant closed at 9pm ( we called in advance to ask if such is possible especially when you have young ckranky from long travel hours in multiple travel vechicles The room very spatious. Bed cover had some suspicious sticky stains that absolutely horrified me at the thought that my children could possibly put their tiny hands on to that. One of the bath robes provided had a black stain on its back, the other bath robe had its pocket thorn out and just hanging. There was a massive flaky, mouldy, damp patch in the corner on the ceiling. The toilet was leaking on the floor. Breakfast food was cold and rancid with a queue for pncakes quite long and very impatient as pancakes was the only food that you could have still warm. Boiled eggs were cold and so hard the yolk was dusty . Fried eggs were dry... won’t even go to details about the rest of the food. As the drinks offered to be purchased by the restaurant aren’t the healthiest of choice for children (all the juices on choice contained added multiple preserving agents and colourants) we asked if possible to have some tap water. It proved to be a terrible mistake, we were told that yes but we would have to pay for it, then told that if they bring a jug for us everyone else will be asking for it, then he brought a manager who was more rude than the server and plainly put it that even if we have children asking for water we would have to buy bottled water and she is not prepared to give us water for free, unnecessarily often stressing the ?free’ word. There are far more many good things that are good about this hotel. It’s main let down it’s restaurant staff who are poor hospitality professionals and frankly plain rude.
  • Nigel Buckle From United Kingdom
    Sent on 17 December 2017
    I have stayed at the Orlovetz for 6 out of the last 8 years and will be returning in 2018 for another week. It has become my 'Winter retreat'. A modern hotel that stands out due to its prominent position and its design. The rooms are comfortable and warm with plenty of wardrobe space and an area to relax. The safe is in the wardrobe, which is really useful for your valuables. There is a decently equipped gym, a small pool (though you can also use the larger pool in the Perelik as well) a Sauna and massage treatments, great for those aches from the first days of skiing ! The restaurant was made larger a couple of years ago and now accommodates more guests. Both breakfast and dinner are buffet style, the food, in general, is of good quality and there usually at least four different options at dinner. There is a small bar in the lobby area and a Piano Bar on the top floor that has stunning views across the surrounding district. As it is the sister hotel to the Perelik there is a tunnelway that links the two and saves you going out in the snow if you choose to use the alternative facilities provided there. One of them being 'The Pub' (previously known as the Pampi Bar) plus a couple of night clubs and a bowling alley. Also as the Orlovetz is just across from the Schnezanka it is only a short walk to Daks Bar, often used as the first mornings meeting place for your ski passes etc.,which is a lively night spot with live music and very popular. In all a great Hotel within a great small town, try it , Pamper yourself !
  • Liz From England
    Sent on 19 November 2017
    I went with my daughter January 2018. I was a cheap half board flights included and we wasn’t expecting much.... but what a fantastic week we had!! Stayed at the Lion hotel which is about a 10-15 minute walk to the slopes/town. A free shuttle is provide by the hotel. The hotel and staff are lovely. The food was always varied and hot. My daughter and I are vegetarians and in only two nights were we disappointed with the choice - but we heaped up on pudding so didn’t go hungry. Am lucky enough to be going back in 2018.
  • val From United Kingdom
    Sent on 15 February 2017
    group of us just back from borovets.we arrived 4th feb 2017 and departed 11th feb.had a great time.hotel rila was fab.great gym and was school was great.we had a really good instructor Martin Hristov.he was really good with everyone took time to try and learn everyone.we all had a great time thankyou.will be back next yearx