Chevermeto restaurant

Chevermeto restaurant

Address: Open from 11.30 am till late
Telephone: +359 3021 8338

Chevermeto is the most popular restaurant around. It was founded in 1971 by Bay Panayot (you can see his monument in the back yard of the restaurant). There are 2 main halls in the restaurant for max. 350 persons.

The food served here is mainly local, from the region of Rhodopi mountain. The main specialty is "cheverme" - lamb on barbeque. But also available is vegetarian food, many Bulgarian salads, etc. The wine selection in this restaurant consists of 30 types of Bulgarian red and white wines.

There is live music orchestra playing mainly folklore music and songs. Sometimes there is a special folklore show with songs and dances. Every night there is a special tradition that they keep in the restaurant, called "Chopping of the Cheverme". 4 or 5 lambs are roasted on the fire for few hours before that. At 8 pm the Chef starts to cut the lamb meat into portions according to the local tradition that comes from hundreds of years ago. This ritual lasts for about 30 minutes until all lambs are cut into single portions and served to the guests.

  • will nash From england
    Sent on 12 March 2005
    i thought that this place was great. you even have fat thrown at you when the chefs bang the sticks against the bells on the ceiling! i also had my profile cut out by this crazy but talented man!
  • itzo From scotland
    Sent on 14 October 2004
    Nai-gotinia restorant.,samo deto tazi godina az niama da sam tam ,no dogodina!
  • erhan zer From turkey
    Sent on 16 February 2003
    its one of the most beautiful,tasteful pectopaht ive been to sicki dobre!! what if some more beutiful girls servicing and bring free wine!!caavvv ill come next year!!you re doing best!!