Pamporovo Ski and Snowboard packages 2019-2020

Pamporovo ski and snowboard package special offers. Get the best rates for equipment hire, ski school and lift pass in Pamporovo.

Pamporovo Ski and Snowboard packages 2019-2020

Pamporovo - Ski services: Lift pass, Ski hire, poles hire, Ski School

Special offer:
- 10% last minute discount for all reservations for ski packages after the 04th of March 2020

Term of reservation: 3 days before arrival date

2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 9 days 13 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 9 days 13 days
Skis and poles hire15172226283240531111141517202740
Ski boots hire15172226283240531111141515202740
Ski, poles and boots hire22263443505669941618242933384862
Ski school group tuition 4 hours daily3443576770851081282633444648627790
Lift Pass57801061171361571962563346617788102128164
Cross country package----------------
Storage of ski equipment6788910111467889101114
Full ski package (ski, poles, boots, lift pass, ski school)881251652022242603104325885110135143165198276
School, Lift pass and ski storage70104133161182205248327487092108121138162230
Skis, Poles, Boots and Lift pass6898130158177202242315466687106112130158210
Learn to ski (ski, poles, boots, lift pass, school 4hrs/day)----212-299-----140-195-
2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 9 days 13 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 9 days 13 days
Snowboard and soft boots2843546674789211628435466747892116
Snowboard school 2 hours daily344457708093118158344457708093118158
Full Snowboard package (snowboard, boots, lift pass and school 2 hrs per day)881251652022242603104325885110135143165198276
Small Snowboard package (school 2 hrs per day and lift pass)70104133161182205248327487092108121138162230
Snowboard, Soft boots and Lift pass6898130158177202242315466687106112130158210
Ski Kindergarten - half day303750627097
Ski Kindergarten - full day52607592105152

* Prices are in Euro per person and are valid only for pre-booked on this website ski services, but not on spot in the resort.
* Full Ski package includes: ski, poles, boots hire, lift pass, ski school, ski evening, storage
* Learn to Ski package includes: ski, poles, boots hire, lift pass, ski school, ski evening, storage
* Ski school is provided to children aged 7 and over
* The Snowboard services are for children from 10 yrs old; (children are 10 - 11.99 years old);
* Full Snowboard package includes: snowboard and soft boots hire, lift pass, school, storage
* 6 days Snowboard package incl. : 6 days lift pass + 6 days snowboard, boots hire + 6 days x 2 hrs snowboard lessons
* 9 days Snowboard package incl. : 9 days lift pass + 9 days snowboard, boots hire + 9 days x 2 hrs snowboard lessons
* Snowboard school starts to expire from the first day of ski pass validity if booked in a package
* Snowboard school is provided only 2 hrs per day;
* Snowboard services are provided only to clients aged 10 yrs old and over
* Children reductions are applicable for children 7-11.99 years.
* The ski/snowboard services (lift pass, equipment and tuition) are not valid for night skiing. (night skiing in Pamporovo is closed for season 2018-2019).
* The ski packages/lift passes must be used on consecutive days.

The group ski lessons are daily from 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
The group snowboard lessons are from 10:00 - 12:00

Ski kindergarten "Kinder Club"
Working time: 9.00AM - 16.30 PM (every day during the official ski season).
Location: Ski centre Malina;
Age: 4-6.99 years;
Activities: 10.00 AM - 11.30 AM - morning outdoor activities in a special safety zone. Children who refuse to ski, can play other games in the ski club. Half day (no lunch included). Full day stay with lunch 12.00 - 13.00 with organized transport in main retaurant of hotel "Perelik".
Lunch: 12.00 PM - 01.00 PM - main restaurant in Perelik Hotel with organized shuttle transport.
Activities: 02.00 OM - 3.30 PM - Outdoor activities in the secured ski zone.

Half day Kindergarden - prices without lunch included
Full day Kindergarden - prices with lunch included  - 12.00 - 13.00 with organised transport in main restaurant of hotel "Perelik"

Ski/Snowboard school prices include a special certificate issued after the end of the tuition, as well as a special entertainment evening.
Prior to arrival we recommend you make winter sports insurance.

Term of reservation: Bookings should be made and paid for at least 3 days before the first skiing date!
Term of cancellation: Cancellation of booked ski services is free 5 or more days before the start date of the ski services.


The ski area Mechi Chal, Chepelare is a part of the ski area of Pamporovo. The new name of the resort is Pamporovo-Mechi Chal.
Both ski areas are connected by shuttle buses that connect the main ski centers Pamporovo /Malina Ski Center 1/ and Mechi Chal ski center.
The buses run on schedule with an interval of 15 minutes.
All customers who bought ski pass and ski packages in Pamporovo for the next winter season will get a bonus riding in the ski area of Mechi Chal.
One lift pass will be used in both resorts and all ski packages purchased in Pamporovo will be valid for the ski area Mechi Chal.

  • HP From india
    Sent on 26 July 2011
    I am very happy to read your articles its very useful for me, and I am completely satisfied with your website. All comments and articles are very useful and very good. Your blog is very attention-grabbing.
  • mark From uk
    Sent on 17 January 2009
    i had my first taste of sking at the resort and thanks to nellie my instructor i had a great time she is a great teacher very patient and good fun to as a plus shes a twin lol
  • Orla From ireland
    Sent on 15 December 2008
    hya looking to get in contact with Nick from ski School in Pamporova the school on the left when you enter the slopes anyone got an email or number ta, he was great last year.
  • Laura Kerry From England
    Sent on 29 May 2008
    I went skiing in March 07 to Borovets and i had the best ski insructor ever! If you go to Borovets try to be in MARIO'S group. He was very patient / friendly and taught us everything we needed to know and more! Have fun!
  • sarah From n.ireland
    Sent on 21 February 2006
    hi!went to pamps a month ago and i loved every minute of it so much i didnt want to go home!!if you are with the ski school try and get DANY as shes the best instructor there and is a good laugh!!im returning in december and i really hope to have her again!!
  • Alison From Dublin, Ireland
    Sent on 17 February 2006
    Got back from my 1st skiing trip last month. One of the best holidays ever. Get IVAN if you can for ski school, had great craic with him and we were all pro's by the end of the week!! Great set up in the ski centre too. Cheers for a fantastic holiday, can't wait to go back next year.
  • julie huggins From england
    Sent on 21 November 2005
    My son aged 15 and myself are going to pamporova in january with balkan holidays allocation 3star on arrival. I am a little concerned about the possible standard of accomodation, and also if his size 12 shoe size will prove a problem. If anybody has any helpful information I would be grateful.
  • brenda From ireland
    Sent on 02 April 2005
    just home from skiing last wk and it was amazin best time ever. and we had da best ski instrctor ever big shout out to IVAN we had such gd craic everyday and also heyyyyyyyyyy 2 all the lower 6th in st dominics who went and wee cya in feb bulgaria xxxxxx
  • Allie Aldridge From England
    Sent on 12 February 2005
    Was skiing in Pamporovo for first time 30th jan - 05th Feb 2005, had a fantastic time. PETKO our ski instructor was lovely, a really patient man who was ideal for me, as very nervous at the beginning of week. By the end of week I was loving it and did not want to go home ... miss it very much and can't wait to go again next year! The guys in the ski equipment room (ski centre 1) were also very good and helpful. All in all a brilliant holiday!
  • chrissie From england
    Sent on 12 January 2005
    this was the best holiday ive ever been on and i miss it so much. If you have a ski instructer try have panka she is the best and if anyone knows her tell her to write to chrissie (i was in her class)on i liked it so much i learnt to write in bulgarian!!!!!!!!!!!! luv chrissie