The White House restaurant

The White House restaurant

Cuisine type: bulgarian

The White House restraurant building is designed as a typical Bulgarian house from hundred years ago. One can easily find it: it is located in the beginning of the resort.

The place is designed in national style. The food served is typical from the local region of Rhodopi mountain, as well as the biggest variety of fish specialties in the resort. The wine selection of this restaurant consists of 60 types of Bulgarian, French and Italian red and white wines.

There is a live music orchestra playing folklore music and songs. There are 2 main halls in the restaurant for maximum 150 persons. One of the halls is more quiet and non-smoking. The menus are translated in English. The staff speaks English and other popular languages. The walls are covered with nice photos from the 19 century.

The Chef is very experienced in preparing local food, fish and game. Of course popular international food is also served.

The White House restaurant offers pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and the best from the local wines. The service is very professional. It is recommended to make reservation before visiting this restaurant, because it gets very busy in the evenings.

    Sent on 05 April 2009
    Az sam bulgarka i rodotelite mi sa ot selo Levochevo.Ot 20 godini sme izvan stranata i nesam zabravila rodopskite tradizii.Prez 2006god. posetixme tozi restaurant i biaxme izomeni s moeto semeistvo ot obslyjvaneto ,vkysnata xrana i neinata prezentazia.A nai veche che sam i rodopchanka moiata lubimo iadene e rodopskia ''KLIN''.Liatoto na 2009 za ilinden chte posetim otnovo Bulgaria i nepremenno chte posetim tozi velikolepen restaurant.
  • azaria shlomo From israel
    Sent on 24 May 2004
    thanks ' it was wonderful ' thanks to toni it was a gret evning!!!
  • Mick Burns From Scotland
    Sent on 23 December 2003
    In the words of Tina Turner, The White House is 'simply the best'. In comparison to many local restaurants the English translation is very good, but you just might find some of the decriptions a little bit off putting. However don't worry. All you have to do is ask the very helpful and attentive staff and they will only be to happy to assist. And the surprising thing is, you can ask them about any dish on the menu and they will tell you the exact ingredients and how it's cooked, unlike the majority of waiters here! Dinner in Bulgaria is not an event that is rushed and in the White house you can take as long as you want while sampling each others starters and your main course is cooked to suit your speed of eating. But if in doubt, all you have to do is ask the staff to accomodate your eating style for any individual in your party and you will be accomodated. For starters, the soups are great, but if you want to be more Bulgarian, go for the Shepherds salad washed down with a mellow Pomorie rakia. You'll impress the locals and they will like you for it. Main courses of fish dishes and various meets are first class and despite the description on the menu, you can ask to get some items added or omitted from the description. The proprietor will come and ensure that all is well for your party or family during the meal. And he will be doing this out of genuine desire to make your meal as good as they possibly can, not just to seem like a nice bloke but who at the same time wants to take the tourists money! He wants you and your friends to come back to Pamporovo next year. Price wise it is a little bit more expensive than other eateries around the resort but it is streaks ahead of the others when you weigh up all the usual resaurant type things that we do when we are eating out at home. So the extra 50 lev per party is money worth spending. Nicoli, the proprietor, will thank you very much when leaving and he'll wish you all the best for your holiday, your journey home and your safe return to Pamporove next year! Prior to that, him or his staff will enquire if you need any taxis ordered for your journey home. So all in all, it's like eating out at one of your favourite places back home and not like a resort restaurant. Once you've been, you'll try and squeeze in another night there before you leave, what more can I say, just go and try it? P.S. Who ever visits, please tell Nicoli that Mick (the oostche specialist) and Slavi from Scotland, send their very best regards to him and his waiters and we'll see him in a few weeks. Thanks, Mick.