Night Flight disco bar

Night Flight disco bar

Address: Open every day from 11 pm till 4 am

Night Flight disco (in hotel Rojen) is one of the busiest places in Pamporovo this season. People will find here great atmosphere and non-stop party every night!

This is the biggest disco in the resort, with good music (dance and hip-hop), special lighting and many friendly people around. There are 2 bars in Night Flight. On one of them you can find ski and board instructors working as barmen in their free time.

One of them Sasho, is even a member of the Bulgarian National team of snowboarding. On the other bar are working professional bar tenders. The managers Albert & Victor (a snowboarding instructor) always try their hardest to get everyone in the mood.

The prices are very reasonable, here are some items from the menu:

- local beer in bottle 0.330 L: 2 levs, imported: 3 levs.

- local draught beer of 0.500 L: 2 levs.

- local vodka, gin of 0.050 L: 1.50 levs,

- coke: 1 lev,

- juice: 1.50 levs.

- scotch whiskey of 0.050 L: 4 levs.

Happy hour is on from 10 to 12 pm, buy 1 get 1 free on all drinks of Bulgarian produce. No entrance fee.

  • JIM From WALES
    Sent on 26 March 2007
  • Victoria From Bulgaria
    Sent on 11 March 2005
    Stahotno mqsto mnogo mi haresa kupona e garantiran osven tova personala e strahoten i obslujvaneto e parvoklasno prekarah strahotni momenti tam obe6tavam da otida pak :))))))))
  • Adam ,Chris, Ian From UK
    Sent on 12 May 2003
    Dont belive the comment above,Night flight is the dogs bollock, excellent venue for rounding the night off. Staff friendly and a good laugh, appreciate that the bulgarians like to party and will make you welcome were ever you come from. Big shout out to Beck, George and the rest of the Night flight massive. And not forgetting the Blonde Hotty Antonio. From the Liverpool Posse.
  • NDSS 2, Ski Party 2003 From Northern Ireland
    Sent on 21 February 2003
    Night Flight is a dump ! the staff are noy nice and are unpleasant, we were victomised while in the bar one nite when a glass door was broken because we were the only non-Bulgarian people in the place ! Big T, Squidly, Harper and McCusker can all varify this