Pamporovo weekend report

This weekend Pampororov offered fresh snow, fantastic skiing and an exciting mountain bike competition.

Pamporovo weekend report

BulgariaSki 10 February 2013

This weekend we went to Pamorovo to expect the skiing conditions and the party atmosphere in the resort. Well in just 3 words we can say – It was fantastic!

Pamporovo once again proves to be one of the best winter holiday spots in Bulgaria.

Early in the morning on Saturday we took the triple at Malina straight to Snezhanka. This is actually the top of the ski centre where pretty much all of the ski slopes start. It is advisable to check the ski map before hitting the slopes, as we managed to miss ski slope #10 and had to take 6 to reach #13, which is quite short and than again enter a green run to Studenets ski centre. The Studenets lift itself is pretty busy with lot of skiers queuing to get to the top. Luckily there is another choice here – ski slope 6 will take you down back to Malina. This is a nice wide panoramic ski road with beautiful scenery where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain, the forest and the glittering snow. It is one of those moments when you can just relax and enjoy.

This time Malina ski centre was busier, which seems to be a common picture during the weekends, but people manage to get on the lift without much waiting.

Getting off the triple we took right to where the new six pack from Stoykite ends. This turned out to be the fastest ski lift will no queues at all. It's a pity that just two of the blue runs (Stoykite 1 and Stoykite 2) go down to this lift, so the nice lift was of no use for our group. But here we found two excellent, fast routes with no crowds. 11-12-5 reaches the Malina ski station and 11-4 which will take you to the single chair lift. This lift is a bit slow, but the scenery is again breathtaking and in nice weather its worth the ride. If you feel confident you can try to take the 4 from the start which is steeper and marked as a black run. The first parts of the 5 and the 3rd ski slopes are also black but than again flow into reds.

Meanwhile the “Wall” ski slope hosted MTB Duel race and all snow sport fans were able to observe the competition. Even though the terrine at the newly opened bike park in Pamorovo was not the hardest for downhill in Bulgaria, the good timing needed excellent physical preparation and precision to manage through the steepest section.

This year Pamporovo Ltd. offer flexible holiday offers which include lift pass, meal options and additional extras like transport to the ski slopes and even lunch and snack on the slopes.

The bars and restaurants in the resort are busy as ever with loud parties and a lot of fun. Once it gets 10.00 PM you can see everyone prepared to go out and party. Well it's good to keep your head fresh for the next day on the slopes, but we all deserve some time to loosen up. After all it's a holiday.