Reviews on Borovets hotels

Check out the latest reviews and impressions sent by skiers and snowboarders, who had stayed in the hotels in Borovets, Bulgaria. These reviews are posted by our customers and may help you choose the right hotel for a ski holiday in Borovets, Bulgaria.

  • ZORAN SIMOSKI from Makedonija Send on: 18 January 2017

    4.1/5 View all reviews (21)

    Additional hide fees like 8 lev for day parking is unexceptable for me view all

  • Aimee Boyle from UK Send on: 13 January 2017

    4.1/5 View all reviews (5)

    Reception staff quite rude.. rest of the staff; waiters & housekeeping incredibly hospitable and helpful. Also, paid for movies that did not work. Would return to Borovets and use BulgeriaSki, however, would not stay at Festa Winter Hotel again. view all

  • Sarah Conway from Ireland Send on: 30 December 2016

    3.4/5 View all reviews (9)

    Unfortunately Iceberg hotel is not how it is advertised. It is a 2 star hotel not 4. It doesn't actually have certain facilities that it advertises it has. Also you just pay extra for use of sauna and water. No drinking water provided at meals.... view all

  • Nick Musgrove from UK Send on: 22 February 2016

    4.1/5 View all reviews (3)

    This was a busy time and they could not really cope with getting People to and from the Resort. Catering still not improved. view all

  • Andrew Moore from UK Send on: 29 January 2016

    4.1/5 View all reviews (8)

    The steps going into the hotel are lethal. I was more afraid of breaking a leg on the steps than on the slopes. view all

  • Marija Kalendar from Macedonia Send on: 28 January 2016

    4.3/5 View all reviews (6)

    We were staying for the fourth time at the same hotel. Everything is perfect. Spatial apartments, very very clean, friendly staff, perfect swimming pool. view all

  • Maria Nankova from Send on: 26 January 2016

    4.5/5 View all reviews (2)

    More info on restaurants and services in borovets could be posted on the website, like a list of all or more restaurants than the few available on the site. Also, guests relying on public transport could be informed that hotel yastrebets offers... view all

  • Daniella Buhagiar from Malta Send on: 08 January 2016

    3.9/5 View all reviews (17)

    The hotel is located close to the mountain with a nice view, however music and people shouting were heard till three o'clock in the morning. The food was fine but we were disappointed with the new year's eve dinner. It was not worth the money we... view all

  • Sofia Pernikis from UK Send on: 06 January 2016

    3.4/5 View all reviews (5)

    Hotel staff could be more friendly. No one smiled. When we were going up to the bar to order something, the staff who were meant to be at the bar, were relaxing, smoking on the sofa, and when made to get up made a face as if it was a drag for them.... view all

  • Ioannis Theodoridis from Greece Send on: 02 January 2016

    3.8/5 View all reviews (4)

    The indoors swimming pool's water wasn't warm enough. view all