Mamacita's restaurant 15% discount

Mamacita's restaurant 15% discount

Telephone: +359 888 58 28 86
Cuisine type: Mexican

In the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria lives one authentic Mexican restaurant - “Mamacitas”. Team highly recommends Mamacita's as the best restaurant in Borovets. All fans will receive 10% off the food menu and a free shot for the whole company. Just PRINT THE VAUCHER above and present it to the personnel and you will receive a complimentary attitude.

Authentic Mexican dishes. At "Mamacita's" we take real pride in serving our guests authentic Mexican dishes made with the finest ingredients available. More than 10 years prove that “Mamacitas” is a pioneer of the quality. Full breakfast is not unknown word for us.

We really know how to serve hot “Heinz” beans crispy beacon, proper sausage fried eggs. Going to “Mamacitas” is an event. Lunch, dinner, birthday parties, game parties. You will enjoy our acoustic guitar music and warm service.

Reservations are encouraged to avoid disappointment you can contact: Hristo +359 888 58 28 86; 

  • Phil Gould From UK
    Sent on 21 January 2012
    The service was ok, but if I'm honest the food wasn't great :-( I had chille, which was a little bland looking, tasted ok but didn't look that good. Wife had chicken fajitas which I'm sure are suppose to come out on a hot plate sizzling....well they have everywhere else I've been. But they did t here, And the bill wasn't that cheap :-( 61 levs for that lot with a coke and beer
  • JimmyD From Scotland
    Sent on 02 February 2009
    Just back from a week in Boro' and I would like to just echo Keny's words. Mamacitas, Chilli's and Revoloution are the top bars. We had two big party nights for birthdays in our group which we held in Mamacitas, Jimmy, Angel and all the other guys served us faultlessly, the band G.A.N.G. provided top tunes. The lead guitarist playing the middle 8 of Lenny Kravitz are you gonna go my way is unbelievable. Nothing is too much trouble for all of the guys in any the three bars but Slav really went above and beyond the call of duty looking after all of us, I dont think Bulgarian hospitality can get better. Thanks everyone, if we are ever back in Borovets, you know where we will be eating and drinking.
  • Kenny McAlpine From Kirkcaldy, Scotland
    Sent on 29 January 2009
    Went on 25th January, 21 of us (inc 2 mackams - adopted) and without doubt the best holiday ever. Mamacitas, Chilli Peppers and Revolution - 3 best bars in Borovets. Slav, "the Jimmys", Angel, August, Boyko and the rest of the gang looked after us so well. For a great Apres Ski day - Mamacitas for breakfast, Chilli Peppers for afternoon refreshment, Revolution 4-6 to listen to a great band G.A.N.G. then back to Mamacitas for top food and then the band later on and finish at Chilli Peppers to wee small hours!! - satisfaction gauranteed - trust me we tried it every day for a week!!!!!! - Slav still the top man in Borovets - go and see him and he will make sure you are looked after with great Bulgarian hospitality. Also, Plamen and Peter thanks for "the security" - top minders!
  • nichael From england
    Sent on 28 January 2009
    Mamacita's is the best place to be.I was there with my friends and we had a great time.The live band is great the food is gorgeous and the staff is perfect.All the people looked after us like we are their family.Everyone has to visit this place.Enjoy yourself.tThank you Mamacita's.I will defenetly come again.:))))XXXX
  • Chris S From england
    Sent on 19 April 2008
    i can defo recommend mamacita's fantastic food and big portions very friendly staff, titanic bar is also very good and worth a visit.
  • Sam From England
    Sent on 03 March 2008
    mamacitas is a good place for food but if you want to go somewhere for a good time and a laugh go to the * TITANIC BAR * !!!
  • petya stan4eva From bulgaria
    Sent on 29 February 2008
    really great restaurant the best in borovets>>>>>>..
  • chris From uk
    Sent on 08 February 2008
    people from uk dont miss that wonderfull place mamacitas***** lovely food very friendly staff(good laugh with barmen)and great SOUND FORGE BAND thay r legends.WE MISS U
  • Rhys Harrison From Aberdeen, Scotland
    Sent on 29 January 2008
    Probebly the best bar me and my friends went too on holiday enjoyed it very much and the bar staff were brilliant and would gladly come back on holiday .
  • Anastasis-Konstantina P.-Yiannis-Phoebe- From Hellas
    Sent on 03 January 2008
    Dear Christo, thank you for a great night in Mamacita's on Christmas Day 2007! The food was excellent and we really had an amazing time!!! And thanks for the Zorba song the band played for us!! Great Great night!!!!!!