Buzz bar

Buzz bar

Working time: Open every day from 3 pm till 4 am

That is the most famous night club in Borovets. Located on the main shopping of Borovets, just a minute walk from hotels Rila and Samokov. People like to come here because of the friendly atmosphere, music and the good parties that happen every night. This place works as a 'Apres ski-bar' during the day (from 3 pm to 10 pm).

All famous TV sports channels (and Sky TV) show soccer, rugby, cricket, plus the games from the British Premier League, chill-out music (also MTV and VH-1). The place is actually not big. Consists of 2 halls, first is the calmer part with tables and chairs, more space and light. Well decorated. One bar where you can order drinks.

There are TV's on the walls with extreme sports being showed all the time. Here you can have a pleasant chat and drink with your buddies or may be meet some girls (or boys) :)). Further inside is the dancing area of the club. More space is left for the dancers. There is another bar here with chairs around and the DJ's area. Less lighting here, and more disco-like atmosphere. It gets really busy in the night, so come earlier if you want to get place. DJ Veledino on the mix!

The music is mostly dance and hip-hop, plus some old classics, some trance and pop. DJ Veledino provides the tunes! He plays here in the winter and during the summer you can find him in Lazur Disco of Sunny Beach resort. Ask DJ Veledino to play your favorite song. He tries hard to make everyone's mood, so Brits, please be patient if he also plays some different music!

There's 'happy hour - buy 1 get 1 free' every night from 10 to 12. This applies on beer too. Prices are reasonable. Here are some prices, don't forget that you get 50% off during the happy hours: - bottled beer 0.33 L and pint from tap: 3 levs - 0.25 L vodka or other alcohol: 3 levs - Coke, juice, min. water: 2 levs. There is no entrance fee.

  • Lpatricia From Ireland
    Sent on 16 February 2009
    Buzz bar made my holiday! I fell in love with this great guy, and i think he's the one! The champange was really cool and cheap. The music was the best ive heard since 1997!
  • scussy From united kingdom
    Sent on 05 April 2008
    the threads on the discussion board sums the place/dive up for me
  • james lloyd From wales
    Sent on 19 March 2008
    hey just writing to say buzz bar is ausome if you go at the right time and james the guy who stands out side trying to get you in is cool what a laugh he is and if your going to try buzz bar it usually dont get going untill a good 12 ish.
  • Charlie From England Manchester
    Sent on 18 March 2008
    All i can say is it was amazing until i nearly got atrrested for breaking a table! haha! They made me pay 100 lev which is about 50 or 60 quid for a chip board table which was half broke any way! Just because we are english does nt mean were loaded! had a drunken time in here most nites tho! xx
  • tom spurr From england
    Sent on 24 February 2008
    ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh my god buzz bar is one of the best nite clubs i have ever been in n ive been to alot of them the music was amazing. i came for the week dated the 26th of jan to the 2nd of feb 2008 if you could email me sum of the titles of the dance music the dj was playin it would be a dream cum true never herd anything like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks alot tom
  • gez From England
    Sent on 11 February 2007
    Ok so i read alot of the reviews written on this web site about the buzz bar, so thought i'd give it a go. All i can say is unless your in the 12-14 age bracket and looking for a seedy/dirty bar to pull like minding 12-14 year olds then this is deffinatly the place for you!!! If not give it a wide birth and head to chilly peppers or one of the other bars.
  • gaynor goodwin From Wales
    Sent on 27 May 2006
    Buzz bar is a place of many happy memories for my 2 daughters Rachel and Ellie.They spent many amazing evenings there with Rachel`s wonderful Bulgarian boyfriend,Georgi Todorov,who died last year in London.Buzz bar will always be special for us and I went to borovets earlier this year just to see it.Love you Georgi.
  • Katie Collison (Inghams Nanny) From England
    Sent on 26 April 2006
    Hey the brilliant buzz bar. Just wanna say that I recommend all the young hip and happenin guys and girls to go to the buzz bar. The music is brill, drinks well cheap, especially when its buy one get one free, everyone is just in there to have a good time and trust me if you do go you will definetly wanna go again!
  • Jo From England
    Sent on 31 March 2006
    I stayed in Borovets and went to the Buzz bar and it was wicked, the music was excellent and it kept me up till 3 in the morning! So much fun!
  • Mel and Floss From England
    Sent on 03 March 2006
    Fab night out in Buzz Bar, great atmosphere, great music and good 2 for 1 on local drinks. A must on holiday in Borovets.