Samokov municipal - latest developments

Samokov municipal - latest developments

Kamelia Krumova, BulgariaSki Team

Mrs Blagovesta Dediova vice mayor of Samokov announced for “Stroitelstvo info”, that “Super Borovets” is not the only plan for development of the municipal. The latest news from Samokov sounds hopeful. Just a month ago the municipal received a certificate by the European Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2000. The famous Germanisher Lloyd Company stated that the municipal offers everything necessary to meet the needs of its citizens.

During the last two years the municipal is working over a majour program for the construction and renovation of the main infrastructure in the town and 26 nearby situated villages. Almost 10 million BGN were planned for the asphalt-pavement of the streets, changes in the water conduct system and new street regulation. A land plot of 240 decares was privatized by the TIM holding from Varna. The land plot is very attractive as its spreads to the south towards the foot of the mountain and is close to the site where the station of the new cabin lift will be situated. Over 500 thousand BGN were invested in infrastructure and vertical planning of the northern residential neighborhood “Gerena”. The region is right next to the new ring road to Ihtiman to the east and Dupnitsa to the west. A brand new street will connect “Iskar” boulevard with the resort zone of Govedartsi village. The most interesting project for the town at the present moment is the construction of the winter stadium, ski slope and equipment in “Boricho” neighbourhood. It is about to become the VIP residential zone of Samokov.

The region is situated in the south-eastern part of the town, protected from the north by a low hill and offers a magnificent view to the Rila Mountain on the south. The terrain for the ski slope is now being prepared and the street infrastructure is being developed. The sport hall is the biggest investment of the municipal. The terrain is 12 decares and is situated in the centre of the town between “Iskar” blvd. and The Iskar River. The project is estimated to cost 15 million BGN. The first sod of the project was turned on at the beginning of October. The president of the Republic of Bulgaria personally honoured the event. The hall will be spread on a total area of 3300 square meters. 1500 seats, restaurant, coffee, VIP hall and a hotel part are planned. The hall is expected to be completed by the end of 2007. Another majour municipal project is the construction of a luxurious hotel complex for recreation and qualification in Borovets. The complex will be called “Permier”, which means- the site of the ruler in ancient Thracian language. The project was chosen by a competition among students from the Architectural University in Sofia. The construction of a brand new bus station has also already started. At the present moment several procedures for development, approval and implementation of several territorial plans are running.

The main goal for the municipal is to get the support of the government. The territorial plan of resort complex Borovets is about to be implemented. The execution of the “first regulation”, in correspondence with chapter 15 and 16 from the Law for Management of the Territory started.

The territorial plan for the Borovets 1100 site (the new name of Lower Borovets) is about to be approved, together with the Banderata site, as part of the territorial plan of Samokov-Borovets-Beli Iskar and the plan for the cabin cable car Samokov-Banderata-Markudjitsi site. The total length of the lift will be 10 km. By the end of the year the construction of the cabin cable car - one of the most important project for Samokov municipal will start. The report for the cable car to Markudjitsi site was already presented to the municipal authorities. The profile of the terrain for the lift is ready.

The assignment was already presented to three majour companies specialized in the construction of winter sport equipment- “Dopplemayer”, “Leitner” and “Pomagalski”. The starting position of the cabin lift will be in Dalgara Polyana site (the long meadow). Another important reason for the huge interest in the projects in Samokov is the gasification of the region. All of the public buildings in the town together with 20 hotel complexes in Borovets are already gasified. At the present moment Borovets resort offers 45 kilometers ski pistes of varied difficulty for beginners and professional skiers, grouped in three majour sites: o Sitnyakovo – Martinovi Baraki – 8 pistes o Yastrebets – 3 pistes o Markudjika – 4 pistes The realization of the “Super Borovets project” will transform Borovets into the biggest winter resort on the Balkan Peninsula.