March Ski Break on Borovets

March Ski Break on Borovets

Kamelia Krumova, 22 March 2010

March Ski Break on Borovets Miss BulgariaSki, 22 March 2010

Even though we have just welcomed the spring season here in Bulgaria, my skiing enthusiasm cannot be seized that easily. I am sure that all of you who had just got back home from the mountain holiday already miss it, just like me right now. It is just not fare to leave that good snow melt away.

That is why we decided to take advantage of the best days for skiing and headed to Borovets. Even still along the way the mountain was rising proudly, so magnificent and tempting with its snow capped majestic peaks. You can't imagine how impatient we became to reach the final destination - Borovets and hit the slopes. Borovets welcomed us with the usual hustle and bustle, loads of tourists flocking here and there, the tempting restaurants filled with happy people having the best time of their holiday. Young skiers and boarders having a rest at the apres ski bars right in front of the Rila and Iceberg hotels.

We bought a lift pass and decided to make a short warm up. We took the high speed quad in front of the Rila hotel and enjoyed a wonderful ride under the caressing sun beams. After a couple of downhills it was time for us to take the gondola lift up. On our way we met Mr. George a ski teacher with great experience here in Borovets. He was reluctant to tell us some stories for his students and his friend Popangelov – one of the most successful Bulgarian skiers. Mr. George also shared the real secret of the great skiers – a lot of work and hard training. That sounded reasonable of course, but we all find different excuses to get lazy. He was unconditional that keeping a good shape needs a lot of practice and hard physical trainings all year round. I will make sure that you will get his tips for keeping the good shape during the summer season in my next report. His story was really intriguing, but we didn't have more time to loose as the ski slopes were waiting for us.

As everyone of you, that likes to spend a holiday in Borovets, knows the gondola ride is just hard to be described in words. Beautiful scenery everywhere around. Boundless mountain terrains, snow capped peaks reflecting the sun with glimmering lights on the turquoise sky. That is why I love to ski in March, probably this is the best time to explore the real beauty of the mountain. The time when it reveals all its charm before your eyes.

We were awakened from that beautiful dream on the top station on the gondola lift and hurried ahead to the Markudjitsite ski centre. Taking the lift up to the brim of the mountain makes you feel tiny and insignificant in front of the grandeur and splendor of the view in front of you.

A dozen of downhills in the site were enough for me and as the day was at its end we decided to take the ride along the beautiful “Musalenska pateka” ski way down to the resort. I couldn't help myself from stopping here and there to enjoy the beautiful views and take some pictures to remind you of the best moments of your holiday in Borovets.

My short ski break is over and I am back to work now, but the feeling of freedom and power is still with me and charges my senses with strength to make it until the next ski break. And skiing will be possible at least until the beginning of April, as the snow cover is excellent and perfectly maintained.