Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes are an attractive spot for keen mountaineers and tourists of all kind. The lakes have glacial origin and each of them is named according to its shape.

Seven Rila Lakes

BulgariaSki Team, June

Seven Rila Lakes
A breathtaking, magnificent view in Bulgarian Rila Mountains.
The Seven Rila Lakes - a place, where you can reach your dreams, enjoy the wind and smile at the tiny purple crocuses.
Our Story: The day was really hot and we all knew that the mountains would help us escape from the heat. That is why we made out our minds and headed for the Seven Rila Lakes, backpacks on our shoulders, and cameras in our hands. We were so happy to breathe the fresh mountain air and so curious to get to world- known phenomenal circus lakes in Rila Mountains. The sun was caressing our faces and we were wondering whether there will be snow on the slopes on top. Later on, we were pleasantly surprised to see that “The Kidney Lake” was half snowbound.

Situated in Rila National Park, Seven Rila Lakes are an attractive spot for keen mountaineers and tourists of all kind. The lakes have glacial origin and each of them is named according to its shape. Of course, we could see this later on. The lakes looked as if an artist has drawn them in various shapes with his master brush.
The route, we had to walk on, was marked on stones and trees in red and white. We felt like kids, playing a game, while looking for the marking. The path was very tough, but we were so enthusiastic that we joked and laughed during the whole trip. We walked (actually climbed the steep slopes) for more than 2 hours in order to get to the “Rila Lakes” Chalet - the starting point to the beautiful, circus lakes.

We had the best soup ever in the “Rila Lakes” Chalet to get prepared for the next route to the lakes. Just half an hour walk and here it comes- “The Lower Lake”, the lowest lakes of all, situated at 2095 m above sea level. All cameras were on. “Maliovica” Peak was just across us- snowy and majestic! We could feel the sun and the wind coming right through us, we opened our senses and felt that nature was in us, that we, ourselves were nature.
Right afterwards the shallowest “Fish” Lake” and the most irregularly shaped “The Trefoil Lake” came in sight. There was a nice spot on top of the slope, which was very close to the edge. We went pretty close, spread our arms like birds and looked under. Down there the “Twin Lake” was hiding behind.

We could see one by one four of seven lakes in a circle.
The view left us speechless.
But Rila had to show us more- “The Kidney Lake”, “The Eye Lake” and “The Tear Lake”. The Kidney Lake is more than gorgeous- like a big fairy mirror, reflecting the mountain slopes. We all looked at our reflections in its crystal waters and then tasted them. That was the coldest, freshest and the most vital water ever!
The higher we went the more water we needed. When we reached “The Eye Lake” at 2440 m above sea level we were wet from the snow, sunburned and thirsty. A little orange, shared into 5 pieces gave us the needed power to sit on the slope and stare for a while. The Eye Lake was frozen in summertime. But anyway- that was paradise.
The route to the highest Tear Lake was very steep and snowy. There were brave people, who kept on climbing, even with summer shoes on. We stopped and promised to come back again. The Tear- the highest lake of all still stands there and waits… It waits for us. It waits for You as well.

  • Eddna From Canada
    Sent on 21 August 2009
    Home...sweet home .. how beautiful you are!!!! Hopefully, one day the whole world will discover and see you in a different way! Love
  • mihail vangelov From spain
    Sent on 15 September 2008
    This is very beautiful. I am from Bulgaria but, I live in Spain. I used to go in the Rila lakes four months in the year. My granmother lives Sapareva banq and i like this so much.
  • Nick From UK
    Sent on 23 September 2007
    Beautiful. Thank yu for sharing this with us.
  • ivelina boneva From bulgaria
    Sent on 18 August 2006
    it`s so so so incredibly beautiful!