The official start of the super Borovets Project was marked on 8th October 2007

The official start of the super Borovets Project was marked on 8th October 2007

information and photos by Gerogie Georgiev

The official start of the super Borovets Project was marked on 8th October 2007. New opportunities for the appearance of Bulgaria on the international tourism market. “We are among the dreamers of this project” – these words echoed from the mouths of elderly people proudly standing on the festive scene, raised specially for the ground breaking ceremony of the Super Borovets project. The ceremony took place on 8th October 2007 in the Pashenitsa site, in close vicinity to Samokov. The celebrations were accompanied by light rain, which let the organizers believe that the project will be “in smooth waters”. The mayor of Samokov Municipal, Mr. Angel Nikolov hosted the event. Mr. Sergey Stanishev- Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, the leader of NDSV, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Mr. Asen Gagauzov- minister of the regional development, Mr. Georgie Krumov, executive director of the company Rila – Samokov 2004; varit Murbak Said Al Harusi, executive director of the national fund of Oman, prof. Stoyan Denchev, Members of the Parliament and etc. were official guests of the event.

The Prime Minister Mr. Sergey Stanishev, Mr. Asen Gagauziv, Simeon Peshov, varit Mubarak Said Al Harusi and the Mayor of Samokov pointed out the economy favours, which are expected with the realization of the project “Super Borovets” on local and national level. The fact that the construction works will be fully conformable with the environment and that all measurements for the preservation of the biological diversity of Rila Mountain are considered, was emphasized.

“The remarkable thing is that the project starts with the construction of a new cabin lift, not new hotels and residential buildings”, pointed out the Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev. He also noted that according to the project, more than 500 million Euro will be invested during the next 5 years and 2000 new working places will be opened in the resort. The prime minister also said that the start of the Super Borovets Project will accelerate the construction of a south transport arc, which will connect Samokov with Trakia highway. %RIMG5The ceremony was blessed according to an Old Bulgarian ritual and Mr Assen Gagauzov marked the ground breaking ceremony, followed by Angel Nikolov and the investors Mr. Georgie Krumov and Simeon Peshov, also representatives of the National Fund of Oman and Equest Investments Balkans Ltd. After the ceremony, ensemble Pirin performed a concert.

Super Borovets is among the most strategic projects in Bulgaria. The concept of the resort is made under the principals for constant development and excellent financial return of the average and long term investments. The project was announces as a National priority, as it is expected to be part of the appearance of Bulgaria on the European tourism market. It is a key step in the overcoming of the one side image of the country as a destination for summer tourism.

The success of the Super Borovets project is found on the support of the local authorities, which has provided careful planning of the region and coordination with the European ecology standards and strategies for development. The architectural outlook of the resort will be conformed with the rich historical and cultural heritage of Samokov city, as well as with the outlook of a classical alpine resort.

The main goal of Super Borovets is to offer diverse tourism attractions for the development of all year round tourism complex with five star hotels, modern equipment, information centre and good transport infrastructure. The strategy of the resort plans low density of construction and numerous sites for sport activities. The golf courses, the tennis courts, basketball and football fields will attract tourists even during the summer. It will be also situated in close vicinity to the National Park Rila and will provide opportunities for new alternative forms of tourism. Special attention will be turned on the cultural tourism. Thus Super Borovets will be able to offer tourism product and properties without competition on the eastern European market and the region will improve its popularity in Europe and will win recognition as a destination with a great correlation of quality and price. This means that the country will be able to welcome more solvent tourists.

The investors of the project, that participate in the company Rila – Samokov 2004, are as follows: Borovets investments JSC with 67% shares, including Equest Investments Balkans Ltd, and the Governmental Fund of the Sultan Oman; Samokov Municipal (with 25%) and Glavbulgarstroy (8%). The execution of Super Borovets is divided in two major stages, and is planned to be complete within the period 2007 – 2012. The total land which will be used for the construction of the residential buildings is 623 500 square metres, including the 4 and 5 star hotel complexes. 40 km new ski slopes will be constructed. The terrains of Super Borovets are situated mainly in four regions – Borovets (1100 m above the sea level), Banderata (1460m), Gvardeiska Polyana (1620m) and the Bylata Polyana (the White Meadow 1310m). The project possesses all necessary permissions for the start of the first phase.