New piste and lifts of Borovets

New piste and lifts of Borovets

to be launched for the new season 2002/2003

27 November 2002

Borosport, the company operating the slopes and lifts in Borovets officially informed us today that a number of new facilities for skiers and snowboarders will be launched for the new season:
»1 new piste, called 'Rotata', for snowboarders
Location: Starting from the top of the 4-seat lift
Total length: 1240 meters
Displacement: 302 meters
The new slope comes with various hardship in its certain areas: in the upper and middle part it is suitable for advanced and intermediate snowboarders and in its lower part it is good for beginners.
On the lower part of the slope will be installed a portable toe bar (drag lift).
This new facility corresponds to the highest standards and requirements for safety and features various hardship levels in its certain areas. It also eliminates the danger of collisions between snowboarders and skiers.
» 3 new lifts will be added to the existing lift system
1) Drag lift 'Kotvata'
Location: First track is to the Middle Station and has length of 600 meters. Second track is from the Middle Station to the Upper Station with length of 1500 m.
Total length: 2100 meters.
Capacity: 550 persons per hour
2) Drag lift 'Yastrebets'
Location: In front of hotel Yastrebets
Length: 450 meters
Capacity: 400 persons per hour
3) Drag lift 'Plaz No. 4'
Length: 550 meters
Capacity: 400 persons per hour

The existing lift pass for the entire lift system in Borovets (sold by Profi Tours at discount) will be valid for the new lifts as well. and comments by Mr. BulgariaSki are to come soon!

  • jojo From greece / salonica
    Sent on 02 January 2004
    last year i was there, it was amazing!!! im looking for the new prises for lift pass. regards and happy new year!
  • Ian Brookman From uk
    Sent on 28 December 2003
    I have been going to borovets for four years now and always spend a lot of time with christo when im there,the food and beer are always good and hes family always ready to help you with sking, booka lesson with christo or hes daughter and you will learn more in two hours than a week with ski school. Im returning in feb04 so if you get there before me go to white magic and enjoy the friendly banter, beware of christos shots of rum.
  • Roland Reppin From Germany
    Sent on 02 December 2002
    Thanks for the snow cannons and the snowboard pist!