Snow cannons & night skiing in Borovets

Snow cannons & night skiing in Borovets

Story and photos by Mr. BulgariaSki

There are 6 snow-guns (machines for artificial snow), located on 2 pistes, both in the resort opposite to hotel Rila: Martinovi Baraki 1 and Martinovi Baraki 2. These pistes are suitable for both beginners (with the small drag lifts) and more advanced skiers. The total length of the tracks with these facilities is approx. 2200 m. On these pistes are also installed special lighting for night skiing located on 54 poles, as well as audio system.

These will provide skiing and snowboarding even when there is little or no natural snow, as well as extended work time of the runs: from 5 am till 10 pm every day. The only requirement for the efficient use is the temperature which should not be higher than -1єC at the time when the snow is being produced. The snow making equipment is supplied by the Austrian company LENKO, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

The official opening of these facilities was on 14 December 2002, at the same day when was the opening of the new season 2002/2003. More snow-making machines will be installed on the higher pistes of Markujika in April 2003. We hope that this will extend the skiing season to 6 months per year. On the picture here you can see snow made with this equipment, it proved to be absolutely the same like the original snow :)) For night skiing there is a special lift pass that has to be bought separately at the kiosks on the pistes. It is valid from 5 pm till 10 pm. For season 2002/2003 the prices of the night skiing lift pass is: - Adults: 10 levs - Children: 6 levs See how the work developed since the start in Ocotber 2002... 

  • Eye brow From England
    Sent on 04 January 2008
    We are due to visit the Flora apartments/hotel on the 1 march 08, does anyone know if the food has improved this year and is the good place to stop? Also are the night slopes working this year and if so how much is it? What is the average price for a beer there I visited Borovets 3 years ago and it was about 50 pence a pint? Do they still use the Lev or are you better to take the pound or Euro. Many thank if you can feed back any answers.
  • aaron gibbs From endlamd
    Sent on 25 January 2006
    it was a ledge of a place im going next yr im getting blades n boots cause it is so chepe ou there l8ers
  • Roland Reppin From Germany
    Sent on 06 January 2006
    Hi you, we, a couple from Germany, coming every year, are sad to hear that night skiing is not poosible this year. Please think your decision over. Regards Roland
  • susans From uk
    Sent on 01 January 2005
    Can i ask, are these snow cannons safe, or do they emit anything dangerous?? (I mean like mobile phone masts and electricity stations do? Or maybe higher levels of electricity??0 Thanks Sue
  • Paul From UK
    Sent on 03 January 2003
    After yet another wet and miserable Xmas we have booked to go to The Hotel Rila in Borovets for Xmas2003. With the cannons now in place my son will finally have a traditional white xmas, learn to ski, and enjoy the fabulous Bulgarian hospitality. Well done Borovets happy new year.
  • Andrew Carter From England
    Sent on 09 December 2002
    It's my second Sking holiday which was the first in Austria ,Mayhofen (really good but expensive ) and I have booked a hotel in the Rila (Borovets). The snow cannon looks good but I am hoping the weather in Feb will not need them .
  • Howard From UK
    Sent on 18 November 2002
    Hi Borovets I cancelled my forth skiing holiday on the trot, to Borovets, in March 2002, for a complete lack of snow. I swallowed the cost and was particularly disappointed as I'd been there the year before in early March and all was well. I ski the upper slopes serviced by the 6 man gondola, which clearly won't have cannons, other than the advanced beginners No 1. However! I'm delighted to learn of the cannons opposite the Rila and No 1 as I'm bringing my twin teenage daughters on Dec 21st for two weeks to learn to ski. Great News and well done Borosport and supporters. See you soon Bulgarian devotee
  • steve From uk
    Sent on 31 October 2002
    the snoww cannons will help greatly as long as temperature is low enough for them to work.i was there in jan 02 and the existing ones could not be used for this reason.dont let this put you off though because as long as you can stomach the hotel food you will have a ball.
  • Skidoc From UK
    Sent on 27 October 2002
    Hey, now that is cool. Snow cannons will take away a lot of the uncertainty.