Reviews on Bansko hotels

We value what our guests think about the places they have stayed. These are ratings and holiday reviews published by our customers, who have already stayed in Bansko. Always check the reports submitted by the holidaymakers in Bansko, before choosing a place to stay. This may be your guide to a better holiday.

  • Ros Harper from United Kingdom Send on: 12 March 2017

    4.4/5 View all reviews (2)

    We stayed at the Dream hotel, Bansko and while the hotel was excellent value for money the food was a BIG let down. DON'T go half board, the breakfast was okayish but the evening meals were disgusting. The hot meals were tepid at best and the... view all

  • David Herring from United Kingdom Send on: 04 March 2017

    3.2/5 View all reviews (7)

    The apartment was in a very poor state with damp on the walls in the sitting area, 5 lights did not work which asked to have replaced but the Were not replaced. The spiral staircase was loose and dangerous. The heater in the lounge did not work.... view all

  • Soukakos Michail from Greece Send on: 02 March 2017

    4.2/5 View all reviews (7)

    too many children all over the spa facilities. like a kinder garden view all

  • Claudia Leitner from UK Send on: 27 February 2017

    2.7/5 View all reviews (3)

    The hotel staff was so unfriendly, it was unbelievable. We really didn't feel welcome. The hotel also advertised a fully equipped kitchen, but when we got there we were informed that there weren't any pots or pans because we weren't allowed to cook.... view all

  • Neil Baxter from Send on: 13 February 2017

    4.5/5 View all reviews (5)

    bus transfer from hotel to resort while being on time most of the timе, nearly made us miss our return flight when they wouldn't wait 5 minutes for the rest of our group on the mid afternoon bus when it was otherwise empty. view all

  • Phil Duff from UK Send on: 31 January 2017

    4.0/5 View all reviews (8)

    I have used this site for the last three years, each year i have communicated with Diana and each year i have found her to be extremely helpful. view all

  • Роман Стойка from Send on: 30 January 2017

    4.1/5 View all reviews (12)

    Спокойный тихий отель.ничего не напрягало. Я очень доволен отелем и персоналом. Далековато до подъёмника примерно 18минут свободного хода но это даже хорошо. Море посуды и электроприборов. view all

  • Sarah Marshall from Send on: 22 January 2017

    4.1/5 View all reviews (2)

    CASA Karina was amazing. The staff, particularly Katya, were fantastic and so helpful. Cannot recommend it highly enough to others. The food was delicious, the pool was lovely and the kids room and activities were fun. view all

  • Mr. Athanasios Kazantzakis from Send on: 18 January 2017

    4.4/5 View all reviews (12)

    Good hotel,in a very convenient location and very friendly spa facilities!!! One of the best 4* hotel in bansko!!! view all

  • Lynda Gooby from Send on: 15 April 2016

    3.5/5 View all reviews (1)

    Food in hotel was very cold and pretty dreadful but the staff were amazing. view all