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Reviews on Bansko hotels

Reviews on Bansko hotels

We value what our guests think about the places they have stayed. These are ratings and holiday reviews published by our customers, who have already stayed in Bansko. Always check the reports submitted by the holidaymakers in Bansko, before choosing a place to stay. This may be your guide to a better holiday.

Claire Chambers from Ireland Send on: 14 March 2014

Reviews on Lion Hotel *

4.2/5 View all reviews (11)

The reservation service and the hotel were both very good. The snowboarding school at Bansko was disappointing though - as expensive as skiing but with a quarter of the classes (3*2 hr snowboarding classes instead of 12*2 hr skiing classes) view all

Pat Jackson from United Kingdom Send on: 11 March 2014

Reviews on Grand Montana Apts *

3.6/5 View all reviews (17)

Rooms fine but food absolutely awful and inadequate. Shuttle service fine. Bar non existent. view all

Tasos Pitsillides from Cyprus Send on: 09 March 2014

Reviews on Pirin Place Aparthotel *

3.6/5 View all reviews (2)

Basic accommodation but everything was fine. The rooms were clean and warm with plenty of hot water. The Pirin Place apartment hotel provided what we wanted. view all

Alina Neacsu from Romania Send on: 25 February 2014

Reviews on Vihren Palace hotel *

4.4/5 View all reviews (10)

Breakfast very poor. view all

Dejan Ivanovski from Macedonia Send on: 20 February 2014

Reviews on Redenka Palace Aparthotel *

4.4/5 View all reviews (2)

They should allow the use of kitcenette. They wont lose anything, i wont make some big cakes or lunches there. They only loose on their reputation with that. Also the maids are not so good in their work. Spa centre is great, but they are turning... view all

Bogdan Munteanu from Romania Send on: 18 February 2014

Reviews on Astera Complex *

4.2/5 View all reviews (6)

Regarding 1st section, i would like more accurate information on what the hotel services are, for example the shuttle service to the Gondola is not very well defined. Also, i would like to see more reviews and feedback about the hotels, so you... view all

Andreas Olesen from Denmark Send on: 17 February 2014

Reviews on Baryakov Family Hotel *

4.2/5 View all reviews (1)

It was a very nice hotel with a lot of space in the room. Some of the gadgets in the room could get upgraded to make the experience even better, but for a three star hotel the service was very good. view all

Дунин-Барковская Анастасия from Send on: 06 February 2014

Reviews on Mont Blanc Apts *

3.7/5 View all reviews (18)

Второй год подряд останавливались в апартотеле Mont Blanc Apartments в Bansko. Отдыхаем всей семьей с маленьким ребенком. Это не шикарные, но очень просторные, довольно приятные трехзвездочные апартаменты. Отлично подходит для экономии бюджета. Есть... view all

Huseyin Avci from Turkey Send on: 03 February 2014

Reviews on Hotel Perun & Platinum Casino Bansko *

3.1/5 View all reviews (4)

Reception staff was poor view all

Iskra Trojachanec Najdenovska from Macedonia Send on: 23 January 2014

Reviews on Mountview Lodge Apts *

3.6/5 View all reviews (11)

This was our 5th stay in a row for 4 years at this hotel. We were disappointed because nothing seems to work like before. Hotel is not clean as it used to be. We booked 2 bedroom apartment and upon our arrival on Jan 12, were sent to apt. 108 that... view all

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