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We value what our guests think about the places they have stayed. These are ratings and holiday reviews published by our customers, who have already stayed in Bansko. Always check the reports submitted by the holidaymakers in Bansko, before choosing a place to stay. This may be your guide to a better holiday.

Ross Guinane from Ireland Send on: 06 April 2015

Reviews on Lucky Bansko Hotel *

4.2/5 View all reviews (6)

I couldn't have asked for any more. When met with challenges, staff, especially Vencislava, was tremendously helpful and aided in a six-week swing of arrival dates. I won't hesitate to use BulgariaSki again, and without doubt will instruct friends... view all

Nigel Banks from UK Send on: 25 March 2015

Reviews on Jik Family Hotel *

4.8/5 View all reviews (1)

The rep was poor with a very sullen attitude. view all

Barbara Gebala from Poland Send on: 24 March 2015

Reviews on Murite Club Hotel *

3.4/5 View all reviews (3)

Overly sattisfied with the hotel. There was a small issue with the safe at the beginning of our stay (safe was locked from previous occupants) and noone seemed to know how to resolve the problem. Eventually we got a new safe. A little frustrating... view all

Oxana Chevtchenko from UK Send on: 10 March 2015

Reviews on Lion Hotel *

4.1/5 View all reviews (13)

I had a great time in Bansko. Great value for money, competent ski instructor ( thank you Velina), clean hotel and absolutely fantastic people in Bulgaria! Booking through BulgariaSki was straight forward and out rep in Bansko was very friendly and... view all

David Herring from UK Send on: 05 March 2015

Reviews on Pirin Place Aparthotel *

3.7/5 View all reviews (4)

Would stay at The Pirin Place Hotel again only because it is so close to the gondola station. The flat was poorly designed, with a dangerous spiral staircase which was coming away from the wall. The shower was poor as it was impossible to have a... view all

Louise Perkin from UK Send on: 24 February 2015

Reviews on Redenka Palace Aparthotel *

4.4/5 View all reviews (3)

Hotel staff need to be more friendly , the bar closing at 8pm is not acceptable and service in restaurants was really poor view all

Matthew Kerr from UK Send on: 19 February 2015

Reviews on Rahoff Family Hotel *

5.0/5 View all reviews (1)

This is the best hotel i have ever stayed in and i would recommend it to anyone traveling to Bansko. Very friendly and helpful staff, excellent and cheap food and drink, very clean with lovely rooms and all the extras you could ask for (sauna,... view all

Dejan Ivanovski from Macedonia Send on: 18 February 2015

Reviews on Redenka Chalets *

4.4/5 View all reviews (1)

The breakfast is too late. It starts at 08:00, so you can't get to the gondola on time, at 08:30 pr earlier and especially on weekends, you have to wait maybe half an hour or more to get in a cabin. view all

Muresan Cristian from Romania Send on: 17 February 2015

Reviews on Astera Complex *

4.4/5 View all reviews (7)

We loved everything about this hotel. view all

Cecilia Persson from Sweden Send on: 17 February 2015

Reviews on Premier Luxury Mountain Resort *

4.0/5 View all reviews (7)

The Hotel was fantastic. The staff was so professional, kind and always there if you needed anything. Our son got ill the first day and they sent for a doctor and took good care of us during the whole week. We couldn't have had a better stay on our... view all