Horseback riding tour

Visit the horseback riding school and check out the numerous riding routes. Go on and take this remarkable trip. You will have the chance to see breathtaking scenery in the Kresna gorge on a horseback.

Horseback riding tour

Horseback Riding

Transfer from Bansko to Kresna gorge (70 km). Arriving at the rafting base hotel restaurant Rai Coffee break for 10 minutes. Transfer to Vlahi village (15 km).

Time Table Horse riding program
20 min Transfer to the Vlahi village
30 min A sightseeing tour in Vlahi village; Trip to Vlahi waterfall; Visit to Karakachan horse, dog and sheep breeds Project and Protection and Research of predators (wolf, bear and mountain cat) Project; Social contact with a wolf.
3-4 hours Horse riding tour through Tisata preserve, wood, meadows, paths, lakes, old colorful villages.
  Sheitan dere canyon
10 min Instructions for the walking through the river
5 min Transfer to the start point
1-2 hours Walking to the Sheiten Dere canyon
  Resting on the base
15 min Transfer to the dinner place 10 km from the base.


Activity Price The price includes
1 day horse ridding tour  EUR Rent of karakachanski horse, Professional guide;
Sheitan dere walking  EUR Guide
Dinner  EUR Cold dishes: cheese, yellow cheese, bulgarian salami Salads "Shopska" or "Ov4arska"; Main dish: Roasted lamb, "Drop sarma"; rice Desert: home-made bulgarian banica or yogurt with jam Drinks: Tasting of home made rakia and white and red wine
Transport  EUR Transport with minibus from Bansko to Kresna and back
Total price per person  EUR Minimum participators: 6 pax

Personal equipment:
Sport shoes, sport outfit, sunglasses, suntan cream.

Minibus from Bansko to Kresna Gorge, Mineral spas, back to Bansko.

Supplementary program:
Sheitan gully – canyon on Oshtava River.
Visit to the local spas
Musicians: Local orchestra singing Bulgarian songs (live). Optional.

- Suitable for beginners and advanced.
- A personal insurance is recommended. If anyone doesn’t have medical insurance we won’t bear any further responsibility in case of injury.
- The price is valid for group of 6 people.

For more information and reservations, please contact us.