Bansko in Summer

The Pirin Mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism among virgin nature during the summer - hiking tours, mountain biking trips, horseback riding, hunting, paintball. Check the list of summer activities near Bansko resort.

Bansko in Summer

Make your summer vacation active and unforgettable! The Pirin Mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism among virgin nature during the summer! presents to your attention several options for summer activities in Pirin Mountain and the mountain resort of Bansko! We offer:

  • a great variety of accommodation;
  • Transfers from/ to Sofia airport;
  • Short transfers to places of interest;
  • Numerous choices of mountain activities during your stay.

1. Hiking tours - Pirin Mountain is a tempting site for every hiker. The mountain offers magnificent scenery, numerous crystal clear lakes, interesting species of the flora and fauna! Pirin Mountain welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful nature and unique relief! Don’t miss to take your camera. There are plenty of sights, that definitely worth a shot!

2. Mountain Biking Trips - Even if you are not a professional biker you can hire a mountain bike and experience unforgettable and breathtaking tour along specially marked trails.

3. Picnics in the mountain - Romantic and unforgettable picnics out in the mountain will make you feel close to the nature! Listen to the intoxicating song of the birds, diving into the beautiful scent of the aromatic herbs and colorful flours! Share this moment with the people you love!

4. Horseback riding - Visit the horseback riding school and check out the numerous riding routes. Go on and take this remarkable trip. You will have the chance to see breathtaking scenery in the Kresna gorge on a horseback.

5. Extreme Adventures - (upon preliminary demand!) - A team of professorial trainers will provide you everything needed to rise your adrenalin. This is definitely an experience that you will always remember. Full equipment and professional guide will take care of your safety. The activity can be organized upon preliminary demand, so please inform us in advance.

6. PaintBall in Bansko - Active game for your family and friends. Fun and pleasant emotions are guaranteed. Wide range of games and activities are offered for your unforgettable experience! Please check out our list of offers and choose the best that suites you and your company. The games are organized upon preliminary demand, so please let us know in advance!

7. Excursions We offer a wide range of sightseeing tours to the nearby situated towns, villages and monasteries! Feel the spirit of The Pririn mountain! Take a trip to Medieval villages and the biggest caves in Bulgaria!

8. One-day trip to Rila Monastery - Rila monastery played an important role for the preservation of the national spirit and faith during the Ottoman rule. Rila Monastery is included in the Unesco list for world heritage.

9. A visit in the National Park Pirin Visitor's center! - Feel the magic of magnificent Pirin! A team of professionals will introduce you to the mysteries of the beautiful mountain.

10. Razlog Hunting - Have the chance to see the wild life from close by. Dip into nature and feel what it is to be a real hunter. Razlog Game Breeding Station will offer you a unique experience - excellent hunting conditions, opportunities for eco tourism, photo-safaris and fishing.

11. Dancing Bears Park - Visit the natural preserved territory for dancing bears in Bulgaria. Get to know to their story. Learn more about the Four Paws charitable foundation for protection of animals.

12. Dobrinishte Sightseeing Tour - Touch the skies while riding the lift in Dobrinishte, near Bansko resort. Take the sightseeing tour and enjoy the heights and the beautiful Bulgarian nature!

  • kostas From Greece
    Sent on 25 April 2013
    This year we are going to have a tour all over the Bansko-pirin area. We have booked a package "Living Bulgaria" so we are going to visit diferent plases and villages in the area. I cannot wait!
  • Gary From England
    Sent on 07 January 2010
    We went to Bansko in May with a couple of freinds and all of our children (3). We had an absolutely fab time. I don't know if we were lucky with the weather, it was around 30 degrees every day. The area we stayed in(near to the kempinski) was very quiet, but there was plenty of activity in the town itself. We found some lovely restaraunts and ate somewhere different every day/night. We found a place called "Piri", which consists of a huge open air swimming pool, football field, jacuzzis etc. all outdoors. We sunbathed every day with views of the snow capped Pirin Mountains. There was a bar with cold beer there too, which helped make it. Absolutely fab!!