BulgariaSki.com offers sightseeing tours to Bansko mountain resort, Rozhen Monastery, Rila Monastery, Velingrad spa resort, the Yagodinska Cave, Dancing bears' park in the town of Belitsa, Leshten and Kovatchevitsa village and other mountain destinations.


We offer a wide range of sightseeing tours to the Bansko's nearby situated towns, villages and monasteries. Feel the spirit of the Pririn mountain! Take a trip to Medieval villages and the biggest caves in Bulgaria!

Sightseeing tours in the Pirin and Rila mountains:

1. Bansko – Melnik – Rozhen Monastery
2. Bansko – Rila Monastery
3. Bansko - Leshten - Kovatchevitsa village – Ognianovo
4. Bansko - the Bear Park – Belitsa
5. Bansko – the Yagodinska Cave
6. Mountain train journey Bansko - Velingrad - by the oldest train in Bulgaria
7. Mountain train journey Bansko - Belitsa - visit the Dancing Bear Park.

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