PaintBall in Bansko

If you are fed up with the dull everyday life and you just want to have fun with your family and friends If you are looking for something different ... if you love the extreme sports - paintball is the right sport you can try.

PaintBall in Bansko

What is PaintBall?
Paintball is a simple game between two teams armed with markers. Your goal is to capture the flag of the enemy or to eliminate all of your opponents. This happens when you mark them with balls filled with paint, which are usually bursting when contacting a surface and are fired with safe speed from gunfires (markers), charged with CO2. Except for strength and quickness, strategy is also important for the game.

Is it Dangerous?
No! According to the statistics the game is safer than bowling.

Does it hurts when they shoot you?
The feeling is like a pinch or slap with elastic, but it doesn't hurt you if you wear the needed equipment. Usually you won't feel anything because of the adrenalin during the game.

What are the marking balls?
These are jelly balls. They are being produced by pharmaceutical companies, because the process is the same as when producing medicines.

How to remove the paint from our clothes?
The paint is easily soluble in water and is absolutely harmless. If you leave it months in a row it can leave a spot on your clothes.

Are there any special requirements?
No! Everyone above 18 can play. You can wear water or something for breakfast and clothes suitable for the meteorological conditions.