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We value what our guests think about the places they have stayed. These are ratings and holiday reviews published by our customers, who have already stayed in Bansko. Always check the reports submitted by the holidaymakers in Bansko, before choosing a place to stay. This may be your guide to a better holiday.

  • Andrey Shapiro from Send on: 13 January 2019

    3.3/5 View all reviews (4)

    Очень маленькое помещение, есть не большая кухня но полностью пустая,не посуду не тарелок не стакан, нету место кушать нету не стола не стульев. Ужасный свет в обоих комнатах, по одной маленькой лампочкой не чего не видно, полу мрак.В первый день... view all

  • Stuart Williams from UK Send on: 01 January 2019

    4.2/5 View all reviews (3)

    The hotel was reserved on a half board basis with buffet breakfast and dinner. As there were fewer than 20 guests in the hotel, they were serving from a set menu which wouldn't normally be an issue but for the fact that it was in Bulgarian and they... view all

  • Jane Fu from Send on: 11 April 2018

    3.3/5 View all reviews (8)

    The hotel in good location, the rooms are big, except no central heating, need to ask room service for extra blankets and soaps. Apart from that all good. view all

  • Oren Palachy from Israel Send on: 02 April 2018

    4.2/5 View all reviews (8)

    Excellent service, good job and well done! view all

  • Matthew Hudson from UK Send on: 28 February 2018

    3.8/5 View all reviews (4)

    The bathroom plumbing was a bit smelly view all

  • Marija Urumovska from Netherlands Send on: 21 February 2018

    3.7/5 View all reviews (14)

    The Hotel staff was exremely helpful and friendly. The room was clean and well equipped. We felt at home and they were helping us with anything we needed. I would definitely reccomend the hotel and would come back here again. Compliments again to... view all

  • Andrew Dodge from United Kingdom Send on: 18 February 2018

    4.0/5 View all reviews (10)

    I would not consider the hotel to be 5 star. The hotel is looking tired in places and could do with some TLC. I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in The Lucky Bansko hotel and the spa and food served their was far better than this hotel. The... view all

  • Lemneata Vasile from Romania Send on: 13 February 2018

    4.2/5 View all reviews (1)

    I let a bad impration of our journey, because when we make the raservation we took half board and to the dinner the hotel didn't include any drink, not even water ,water, water,nobody told as befor ouer jorney we have not included to ours dinner any... view all

  • Dumitru Onel from RO Send on: 23 January 2018

    4.1/5 View all reviews (17)

    It s my 3rd year in this hotel. food is worse year by year. shuttle to the gondola don t respect schedule or the customers, hotel now asks money for bath robe (by example) view all

  • ENE SORIN from Send on: 12 January 2018

    3.1/5 View all reviews (5)

    I think manager must find a solution for customers to change their boots in a separate room not outside the hotel ! Or let to change in lobby area. We have luck: only +2 degrees, but when will be - 10 degrees ? view all