Trekking tours

The Pirin Mountain is a tempting site for every hiker. We offer trekking tours, trips, sightseeing, biking in the Pirin mountain near Bansko resort. Discover Pirin, the Bulgarian Alps!

Trekking tours

The Pirin Mountain is a tempting site for every hiker. The mountain offers magnificent scenery, numerous crystal clear lakes, interesting species of the flora and fauna! Pirin Mountain welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful nature and unique relief! Don’t miss to take your camera. There are plenty of sights, that definitely worth a shot!

Mountain tracks: 
1. Bansko - chalet Vihren – the lake Okoto – Bansko
2. Mount Vihren climb - the highest mount in Pirin 5 - 6 hours
3. Mountain track from Bansko to the Moratovo - Ribno and Okoto lakes 3 hrs
4. Mountain track from Vihren chalet to Demianitsa chalet - 4 - 5 hrs
5. Mountain track from Bezbog to Demianitsa chalets - 4 - 5 hrs
6. Mountain track from Bezbog Chalet to the Popovo Lake – the largest in Pirin – 2-3 hrs
7. Mountain track from Vichren chalet to Yavorov chalet from the highest peak Vihren and koncheto - 5 - 6 hrs.

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  • Lon From Israel
    Sent on 24 September 2007
    Bansko and Pirin are outstanding place for sport activity. Trekking, hiking and climbing in summer and ski in winter. Mountains loook very similar to Alps with the only difference of height. Many lakes between peaks and not too much people (mean the difference to Alps!)- you'll not be disapointed! I'd recommend to go there in the june-july and have 3-5 days treks between huts or in tents. All hotels are rather new in Bansko. Just contact any of them and ask for a guide. Don't deal with agencies, especially with Penguin Travel Good Luck.