Reviews on Bansko hotels

We value what our guests think about the places they have stayed. These are ratings and holiday reviews published by our customers, who have already stayed in Bansko. Always check the reports submitted by the holidaymakers in Bansko, before choosing a place to stay. This may be your guide to a better holiday.

  • Lynda Gooby from Send on: 15 April 2016

    3.5/5 View all reviews (1)

    Food in hotel was very cold and pretty dreadful but the staff were amazing. view all

  • Jessica Silson from UK Send on: 13 March 2016

    4.2/5 View all reviews (4)

    The guy who took us to the gondola and back was really friendly and made an extra journey when we were injured. Even though it was out of season they noted we used the sauna and ensured it was on each evening for us (even asking us what time we... view all

  • Jonathan Harrison from UK Send on: 01 March 2016

    5.0/5 View all reviews (1)

    Marin and family were impeccable hosts They have a beautiful hotel and restaurant offering quality home cooked bulgarian cuisine. We will be returning to the kralev dvor next year jon and laura Harrison view all

  • Marija Pejatovic from Serbia Send on: 11 February 2016

    4.2/5 View all reviews (1)

    I stayed at Adeona Ski and Spa. The problem we ecnountered was that at the description of the hotel it is stated there is a kitchen, stove and fridge. Upon arrival we were shocked to see there were no plates, cups, pans or pots. The hotel staff let... view all

  • Niki Boyle from United Kingdom Send on: 11 February 2016

    4.0/5 View all reviews (1)

    The walls between bedrooms are a bit thin, so maybe not the best for light sleepers, but the owner/manager was incredibly friendly - even made us an (unasked-for) packed breakfast when we checked out early on our final day. view all

  • Adrian Cantoreanu from Romania Send on: 03 February 2016

    3.6/5 View all reviews (5)

    A bit of trouble with The hotel booking but it was solved before we got to The hotel. We booked 2 rooms without balcony but these were given to other customers and face us as compensation 2 rooms with balcony. view all

  • Robert Martin from UK Send on: 19 January 2016

    4.8/5 View all reviews (1)

    Fantastic experience from start to finish. Bulgaria ski and silky holidays both excellent. Great hotel and location. Hopefully return in the future view all

  • POPESCU CATALIN from Romania Send on: 13 January 2016

    3.3/5 View all reviews (4)

    Although room service was noted in the apartment menu, from 7.30 to 22.00, at 19.15 I tried to order food and I was turned down. We were told that dinner is served in the restaurant and they can not take any food order until 21.00. I explained... view all

  • Rossos Alexandros from UK Send on: 30 December 2015

    4.2/5 View all reviews (8)

    Paid WiFi did not worked. Spa did not offer sleepers/robes, personal of reception, exept of the manager wasn't friendly. Overall we have met our expectations. view all

  • Louise Perkin from UK Send on: 24 February 2015

    4.4/5 View all reviews (3)

    Hotel staff need to be more friendly , the bar closing at 8pm is not acceptable and service in restaurants was really poor view all