"Matsurev Inn" in Bansko

"Matsurev Inn" in Bansko

Address: 15, Otets Paisii str., Bansko
Telephone: +359 899 142 342

BulgariaSki team highly recommends the "Matsurev Inn" tavern in Bansko for the excellent service and delicious meals. All BulgariaSki fans can get - 10 % discount and a special surprise. Simply print the vaucher below and present it to waiter in "Matsurev Inn".

In the 90’s “Matsureva mechana” is one of the first taverns in Bansko. It is named after its owners, the Matsurevi family. It is established with great portions of love, tenacity, labour and desire and for several years it undergoes various changes, enlargements and new introductions.

After the hotel part has been built in 2006 “Matsureva mechana” is not only a tavern, but a complete complex called “Matsurev’s Inn”. If you still don’t know about the famous hospitality of the local people of the town of Bansko, this is the place where you could eat and have a rest. Besides the warm, authentic and traditional atmosphere you should be welcomed by the nice hosts, who shall take care of your trip being as nicest as possible.

The inn offers Bulgarian national cuisine, traditional dishes from Bansko, prepared on live coals, on a plate and in an oven. Here we could prepare the things which you want, dressed with everything you want. You could find more than 30 types of salads, you could try more than 200 dishes, home made dishes and desserts, you shall enjoy more than 70 types of red and white Bulgarian wines, and you would have the opportunity to taste the home made warmed wine and to have the genuine home made dried Bansko’s leg (Bansko’s kreschtsina) as an appetizer.

Here the food is considered as being a ritual. For breakfast you could have some of the specialties which are personally prepared by the housewife – cheese cake, mekitsi, home made sheep yoghurt, pancakes or fried slices of bread with home made jam of forest strawberries and forest blueberries. As good chefs the hosts perform special orders too – for example a delivery of an entire piglet or lambkin, roasted in an oven. And the ones who want to spoil themselves could order some of the specialties of the housewife – kapama, chumlek, Bansko’s barkada (hominy), Bansko’s plait etc. while Ivan, the host, shall be pleased to open a bottle of mellow Bansko’s rakia or shall draw a jug of wine from the cellar.

We offer to the tourists visiting Bansko and for the organized groups delicious lunches with healthy food of full value, impressing dishes, typical for the Pirin area, and all this at attractive prices. “The Bansko“ of Ivan Matsurev personifies the host himself. With a strong hand he manages the family inn in a way the people of Bansko have done this a century or more ago. Nice and quiet live music shall contribute to your good mood every evening. Welcome here and feel free to enjoy the hospitality of the people of Bansko – you enter as customers but you leave as friends!