Nearby towns

Towns and resorts nearby Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria.

  • Semkovo resort Location: Semkovo resort is 17 kilometers away from the town of Belitsa huddled at the foot of Rila mountain. The site is situated among spruce and pine-tree forests. It provides a exclusive panoramic view towards a chain of high alpine peaks and fur-tree forests.The site offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism. It is situated on 1750 meters above the sea level over the southern slope of Rila and Pirin mountains. The site can be reached... more

  • Kulinoto resort Location Kulinoto is a site in the northern part of Pirin Mountain, at the valley of  “Kulina” river (affluent to Elovica River). It is 1400 meters above the sea level. The resort is huddled in venerable beech forest. Kulinoto is 12 kilometers away from Razlog and just 2 km from Predela site. Ski pistes It is locally popular as a place for rest and recreation for the people of the town of Razlog and neighbouring villages. One ski run was made there with... more

  • Razlog resort The town of Razlog is situated in the Razlojka valley among three mountains - Rila to the north, Pirin to the south and west and Rodope to the east. Mesta River flows by the town. The town is just 155 kilometers away from Sofia and just 6 kilometers away from the most developed winter resort in Bulgaria - Bansko. The guest of the town can visit 41 buildings in the specific architectural style of the National Revival Period. Tourists should definitely visit the numerous craft... more

  • Dobrinishte resort Location Dobrinishte is situated on 810 m above the sea level at the foot of the Pirin Mountain in the south-eastern part of the Razlog valley. Dobrinishte is located 165 km from Sofia and 6 km south of Bansko ski resort. Resort information Dobrinishte is a popular summer and winter mountain resort with its mineral springs, ski tracks and virgin nature. The ski centre of Dobrinishte provides several ski tracks suitable for beginners, as well as for intermediate and... more

  • Banya ski resort Location The village of Banya is situated in the south-west of Bulgaria, in a valley between the three big mountains Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes. It is 156 km away from the capital Sofia and only 6 km from Bansko ski resort and the town of Razlog. The population of the resort is about 3,000. History The mineral springs in the site are the reason this region to be settled very early. The first inhabitants are the Thracians, which is proved by the remains of their culture... more