Mega Mountain Resort to Rise in Bulgaria

Mega Mountain Resort to Rise in Bulgaria, 12.11.2006

Mega Mountain Resort to Rise in Bulgaria With Bulgaria's mountain pearl of Bansko growing too fast, the mayor has started to direct investors to nearby villages, hoping to create a mega-resort spreading between several settlements. The future mega-resort will have over 100,000 beds and 160 kilometres of tracks, finally finding a way to dominate over Bulgaria's other two most popular skiing places - Borovets and Pamporovo. Over 400,000 square meters of hotels and apartments are already rising in Bansko, Standart daily reports, and there are just a few vacant slots that could be built upon. Seeing the surge of demand, Bansko's Mayor Alexander Kravarov came up with the "Super Bansko" idea and started diverting investors towards nearby Razlog and Dobrinishte. Interest is rising and Razlog is already expecting projects for some EUR 600 M to EUR 700 M, and about 60 kilometres of new tracks. Bulgaria is standing by with a warm winter welcome...It's Time for Travel!