Bansko a real winter tale!

Miss Krassi

Bansko a real winter tale!

The ski area around the almost unknown before some years small town, called Bansko, is on it’s way to become one of the most developed and provided with all utilities ski resorts in Bulgaria. The place became famous among the enthusiastic skiers during the last 10 years.

A hard push for improving of the facilities was made mostly the last year, when the concessionaire Yulen Co. started the building works for improving the equipment in the ski center. It continues even now, during the winter season. Two helicopters are crossing the sky above the mountain all the time, carrying concrete and heavy metal constructions. Four new ski runs with the numbers 1, 3, 5 and 8 are already working. The older ones are widened and cleaned from roots, bushes and stones.

All the ski runs in the resort have new numbers from 1 to 13, despite of their old names. They have coloured marks according to the international standards for difficulty. Ski run number 8 is the ex learning children ski run, in the area called Shiligarnika (the first station of the four seats lift). It is longer now 800 meters and it has a new lift, from the anchor type. The expected from everyone new lift - gondola type, must be ready, according to the projects at the end of February, but after 2 weeks bad weather in December, the building works were delayed a bit, so probably it will start functioning March or April.

The first station is just behind hotel Strajite, close to the road going to Shiligarnika. The gondola will bring you up to the area called Bunderishka poliana for 15 minutes. The capacity of the lift is 2400 passengers per hour. The working speed is 6m/sec. From Bunderishka poliana, you can reach the height of 2540m (almost to Todorka peak) with two four seats lifts with shields against wind and heavy rain or snowfalls. The first lift will be 1560 meters long and the second - 960. Their speed will be 5m/sec. Capacity – 2500 passengers. This means that the whole equipment of the resort can handle 4500-5000 customers per hour. And…no more long queues for the lift.

The idea of making two small seat lift, instead of one, comes from the different meteorological conditions. Like that, they can be used always – when up is cold and windy, the skiers can take only the first lift. And the other way around – when the spring comes, the skiing is possible only at the top, because most of the heavy snow is still there and down the grass is already green.

A new ski path from the top will go down to Bansko. It will cross the main ski runs at some points for facilitation of the eginners. According to the chief of the ski school Yulen, Mr. Hristo Plevenliev soon there must be created a specialized ski police, which should observe for incapable skiers, which can damage or endanger the health of the other people on the ski run. He mentioned also that the ski teachers in his school are very high qualified, most of them are with 2 languages and have long experience.

Another new ski run situated on the so called Plateau will have special equipment, which can measure the time for the natural born competitors. It will work with counters at the price of 2 lv. and everyone can check how fast he is. All the lifts are controlled by a modern computer system connected directly with the main company - the Austrian Ski-Data.

The new lift passes are actually special electronic chip-cards, for which u pay deposit of 8 lv. more (over the normal price) and recharge everyday. So, on the return of the card, they are giving u back the 8 lv. Some more words about the night life in Bansko. It is not so impressing like the wild nights in the other two main resorts, Borovets and Pamporovo, because this is a town with quiet local people.

The place is full with taverns and pubs. Two of the most famous are Dedo Pene and Molerova kushta. There you can mainly…eat. A lot. Usually surrounded by some musicians from a folk orchestra. It is exotic somehow and interesting to see it the first 2-3 evenings, but not more. The 2 or 3 discotheques (No name and the one in Strajite hotel) in town are a bit strange, because of the strong presence of the hot tempered local youth. My advice is not to mess with them. However, Bansko is more family oriented vacation village. The next big event on the gorgeous ski runs, will be the International snowboard extreme competition (13-16 February), which promises to gather together the best snowboarders around and to provide great entertainment and show for the spectators.

  • Tony From Wales
    Sent on 13 February 2013
    Great place, great people and fantastic skiing. Just wondering if Dimitry is still a ski instructor there... Looks like I am going back to find out..
  • serge From Russia
    Sent on 01 August 2012
    Wonderful world of Bansko. February 2012.
  • jonathan ellul From malta
    Sent on 09 July 2012
    my friend and i went to bulgaria last april and we stayed there for two weeks. We stayed at family hotel bisser 16 el tepe street 2770 bansko. We would like to thank the staff and especially mamma and her daughter velina too for their help and excellent service i would recommand that hotel coz its cozy,clean,staff really cheerful and helpful and breakfast was wonderful. During the day we go eat at momini dvori restaurant. Food there was wonderful and service thanks to our waiter dimitri and his crew we enjoyed being there everyday and welcomed like kings. The rest bulgaria is a wonderful place which i recommend for a relaxing holiday.
  • Erik Rooze From Netherlands/Greece
    Sent on 28 January 2012
    We have spend this winter (2011/2012) holidays in Bansko and where really delighted. It is so nice and friendly and clean. Normally we go to the Alpes, but for our young daughter (7 years) this is really nice. Because I'm 60 years and the wife 35 years we do not care that there is not much of after ski. The resort is really cheap, which I like as a Dutch man. I could not spend all my hard earned monies in Bansko. As we live in Greece now, on the island of Aegina near Athens, it it a nice drive by car. I can reccomment this area to you all!
  • Erik Rooze From Netherlands/Greece
    Sent on 28 January 2012
    We have spend this winter (2011/2012)hollidays in Bansko and where really delighted. Is is so nice and friendly and clean. Normally we go to the Alpes, but for our young doughter (7years) this is really nice. Because I'm 60 years and the wife 35 years we do not care that there is not much of after ski. The resort is really cheap, which I like as a Dutch man. I could not spend all my hard earned monies in Bansko. As we live in Greece now, on the island of Aegina near Athens, it it a nice drive by car. I can recomment this area to you all!
  • josh brown From belfast
    Sent on 28 March 2011
    skiing was good brailliant loved it!But fel a couple of times but it was amazing. loved to come back.
  • carl jones From wales
    Sent on 16 March 2011
    Just got back from a weeks skiing in Bansko the weather was hot but we had a dump of snow on the Monday grate skiing i wasn't sure about going there but glad I did, I have skied for 8 years some of the slopes were testing its not a vast area you could ski the lot in 2 days but the scenery made up that beautiful, I stayed in the Lion Hotel I would recommend staying there the rooms were big and the food was very good very friendly people. there was a mini bus from the hotel to the lifts and back every day no walking, the hotel is a 5 minute walk to the lifts if you wanted to walk, if you wanted to eat out i would go down to the old town very cheap 55p a pint and 35p for a glass of wine or 1.50 for a bottle of wine there was 4 of us we had 4 big meals wine and beer for 3 hours it cost us 34.00 total if you want to party stay top end prices 1.60 a pint up there I had no problem with the lifts passes i read that they stopped working after a few days the passes were fine I will be going back next year holiday 8 out of 10 only 1 thing you need to get to the lifts early or you will have a wait for 30 minuets other than that grate holiday PS Got 2 sets of skis fully serviced for 37.00 nice and cheap don't worry about going there you will have a good hoilday.
  • kezdevil From UK
    Sent on 16 March 2011
    Went to Bansko 7-14 March 2011 - had a fantastic time. Snowed on first day so had powder to play on though by the end of the week conditions were not quite as good. Had to work hard to avoid goggle tan as it was so sunny! We had read worrying comments about gondola queues but really didn't see any when we were there. Weekend was a bit busier on the lifts than the weeks but nothing major. We got up and out early. The gondola starts at 8.30am and we were on it by 8.40 most days. We stayed at Eagles Nest Apartments and would stay there again. Good facilities, well equipped kitchen (we did self cater a couple of nights).
  • Jacob From Israel
    Sent on 10 March 2011
    Don't go to the "Pirin" hotel, Bansko ski resort, Bulgaria My family and I stayed at the "Pirin" hotel in Bansko, Bulgaria from the 28th of February till the 6th of March. We enjoyed the mountain resort and had great time skiing and snowboarding. One of our rooms had only one bathrobe, but we didn't pay much attention to this, and used only one bathrobe when we went to the pool. As we were leaving the hotel, the receptionist told us that we are missing a bathrobe. We told her that we didn't have two bathrobes to begin with, and we absolutely don't need to take a bathrobe with us home. At this moment she told us that she wouldn't give my sisters' passport back unless we pay 70 lv( which is approximately 35 euros) We tried to explain that we didn't hide or burn or do anything with the bathrobe, and we didn't even use it because we didn't have it in our room. "You should have reported it as soon as you got the room", well, it's not my job to count various objects in the room, and report my findings to the receptionist, I told her. "It is impossible to have only one bathrobe" was the only answer I got, and after threatening us by calling the police, and showing off their security thugs, I had no choice but to pay for the bathrobe I never even used. It was a very embarrassing experience, and a very bad way to end a great vacation, needless to say 35 euros were stolen from me with nothing I could do about it. But the most amazing part was that I spoke to another couple, on the way to the airport, who stayed in this hotel, and they said that the hotel staff did the exact thing to them! I really enjoyed Bansko, the atmosphere there is amazing, the ski slopes are great and the people are very friendly, but if you ever go there DO NOT stay and the Pirin hotel! They lied and stole my money.
  • Tibi From Romania
    Sent on 08 February 2011
    Hey there guys, Just got back from Bansko ski resort.We were there for 7 nights and here are some facts: --the waiting line at the Gondola is at least 30 minutes...we stood there 1 hour and a half... --very big and boring waiting time to get your ski-pass.... --the apres-ski almost doesn`t have music at all and there`s no fun happening there.... --the slopes were pretty bad at 12 o`clock even though they had been prepared....(it did not snow at all one week, only snowguns) --too many injured people....a lot of idiots on the slopes --people there speak english just a little... --I RECOMMEND Friendly PUB!!!!! Great place --don`t go to Panorama hotel....they don`t speak english and it really ain`t a 4 star hotel.... Not what i expected from this ski resort...last year i was in Borovets and had lots of fun there!!!!!