Bansko - Something More than Great Ski Resort

Bansko - Something More than Great Ski Resort, Blaga Bangieva

%LIMG1Bansko - Something More than Great Ski Resort The most ambitious aim of the project ???Stabile development for recovery of the all year history and culture tourism in Bansko's municipality' is to be overcome the fetish of Bansko as ski-destination, stated the project's leader Tsveta Dimitrova, cited by Horemag. The initiative seeks to involve the natural resources and history inheritance with purpose to create 4 season tourism routes. We believe that in close future the one season image of Bansko will be overcome, an image related to pre-exhibition and over-building as winter resort complex, shared Tsveta Dimitrova. There are many things to be shown and seen, so many sights and routes that can be renovated. Tsvetanova gives as an example the museum treasury of Bansko, National Museam ???Nikola Vaptsarov', new chapel of St. Paisiy Hilendarski, restored Velianova Kushta and others. Dimitrova also suggested to be specified the purpose groups towards should be directed the massage for development of the history and culture tourism. The head of the initiative named the mountain city: Temple of history, nature and culture.