Mehana Chardaka

  • Elena From greece
    Sent on 17 January 2015
    very bad service! they served us old warmed meat frozen inside!!! we had to wait 1 hour for that and they charged us 85 leva per portion!!!!! we refused to pay and they threaten to beat us up and even call the police!!!
  • Reni From Romania
    Sent on 25 December 2014
    This restaurant is a tourist trap!!! 150 lev (75euro) for just one small bottle of red wine and one first course for two is expensive even for Paris!!! They said they don't have house wine, so we ordered 1 little bottle of wine... italian..although we wanted was 60 lev!!! (not in the menu, of course). We wanted a lamb skewer and a lamb steak.. they said they cannot make skewer so its better to have a double stake... but it was not 28x2... it was 90 lev! You shouldn't recommend it! SHAME!
  • kokala From bulgeria
    Sent on 11 November 2008
    varha-idvam 4akai te me